Black Watch e-mails

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Oct 29, 2004.

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  1. I see Jock Ruperts mummy has passed onto D Telegraph some of the e-mails received from her boy in Iraq. Talks of morale. Tut Tut
  2. A Tom had a camera poked in his face yesterday at Shaibah and asked 'Do you think you'll be home by Christmas?' to which he replied 'I don't know, Tony Blair lies all the time'.
    Why oh why didn't they cut away to get the look on the Media Ops guy's face...would have been priceless! :lol:

  4. Nearly p****d myself laughing when I saw this on the news. Truth hurts!!
  5. That Jock deserves a bottle for that one.

    Here's a good when:

    When asked by SofS a few years ago what his job was in the army, soldier replied 'sinks and mirrors sir.'

    Fantastic. RSM's face a picture.
  6. I think the bloke in Armagh in 88 when JFK's son told him to "Go back to your own country" to which he replied "I'm in my country, go back to yours" takes some beating
  7. Similarly in Belfast,when Bobby Kennedy came North to cause trouble(one of his female relatives was Ambassador in Dublin at the time).Snap roadblock by the non hats.Large black car approaches.Armoured window comes down.''Young man,do you know who I am?''.Yes,aren't you the guy that drives cars off bridges with pretty ladies inside?''.Army 1-US-Nil
  8. Edward Kennedy. Good story though! :lol:
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    muhandis - were you in 39x at the time?
  10. If it had been Bobby Kennedy it would have been a sight worth seeing..."and the skeleton said "Do you know who I am?""
  11. All lined up in BBK to meet George Robertson - the then Armed Forces Secretary, I was asked if it was my first tour.
    "No sir, this is my fifth in 3 years" says I.
    "You must enjoy it then" says he.
    "No sir, but the Army pays my wages, so I'll go wherever I'm sent".
    He accused me of being a 'mercenary'. The cheeky sod. Still the RSM of the RIB must of found it amusing as he invited me back to his office to recount the conversation in some detail.
  12. No idea why this thread is in the Int Corps forum: off to the Int Cell with you... :?