Black Watch: A Soldiers Story - On now BBC 2 Scotland

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by oldmuso, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Not seen it but this play is meant to be good, and I think it is approved by The Black Watch themselves. Looks like these programmes are only being transmitted in Scotland though. The play's being put on at the Barbican in London in June 2008.

    Black Watch: A Soldier's Story
    The inside story of the National Theatre of Scotland's hugely successful production Black Watch, with insight from the show's creators interwoven with the moving personal stories of soldiers who actually served in Iraq. As the play tours Scotland, events at home and abroad underline its relevance and increase its emotional impact.
    ArtWorks Scotland
    Sunday 26 August
    9:00pm - 10:00pm
    BBC2 Scotland

    Based on interviews with soldiers who served in Iraq, this mix of words, music and song reveals what it means to be part of the legendary Scottish regiment, to go to war and make the journey home. The National Theatre of Scotland's award-winning production was filmed live in Dingwall and contains very strong language.
    Monday 27 August
    10:00pm - 11:30pm
    BBC2 Scotland
  2. Some of the Jocks have seen it and say it is very good albeit with a few anti war comments. Did very well in the Edinburgh Festival when it first came out.

    Will watch, tape and sell to gullible tourists as the Official History..."sold on behalf of the BLUE Hackle Foundation" :D

    Thanks for letting us know.
  3. stuck in germany will have to get mum to tape it.
  4. Any chance a Scots ARRSEr could copy it digitally and post in on the internet? Being a Mashman who only uses his PC to look at girls with no clothes on I'm pretty knackered on both counts. :D

    Would be much appreciated.

  5. Mrs hackle and I saw the play in Scotland earlier this year. We both thought it was brilliant - don't miss it if you get the chance.
  6. On now! BBC 2 Scotland
  7. Was/is great well worth a watch/dvd or what ever kind of copy
  8. This was brilliant, a must to watch on Monday. It brought it all flooding back. I would recomend it to all.
  9. Bonuses in this evening's programme - Dingwall High Street and the Camerons Egypt Memorial in Inverness!

    The actual play is on BBC2 Scotland @ 10.00 pm tomorrow (Monday). What about other areas?
  10. It's not on BBC2 England - thankfully Sky allows viewing of other regions BBC programmes, it's on channel 990, not sure about freeview - anyone?

    Just watched the documentary, very moving, I'm betting the play is more so!

  11. I saw the play and was blown away - if anyone could burn me a DVD copy of this when it goes out (I'm in China) I will pay hard currency to a Charity of your choice.
  12. In EDINBURGH it's on at 22:00 on BBC2 and finish's at 23:30
  13. Bump

  14. Cheers just sky + it.
  15. Last nights prog was very good. It was a wee bit anti war but not in any way anti troops if any thing it was very pro. Rose Gentle was taken to see play in Dingwall and was very moved by it. If you can watch it I would reckomend it