Black Toenail.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blockjob, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Morning all,

    I'm in need of a spot of advise about the above.

    Last Tuesday we were programmed to be doing circuit training, but due to an unforeseen fastball, it was decided that we would go running instead. Anyway, I'd rocked up in my snug fitting Reeboks & at the end of 5 miles I was in agony. When I stripped off my socks, my big toenail on each foot was black & raised up off its bed. They are still very painful 2 days later. Apparently this is a common injury, but it's the first time it's happened to me.

    I'm off on Autumn Challenge in a week, which will, I imagine, entail lots of runs & fitness, so what I need to know is,are there any quick fixes for this injury, or is it a matter of just taping them up & cracking on ?

    I'm not gonna miss Autumn Challenge, 'cos it's took me long enough to get on it ! So if it's tape & brufen, so be it.

  2. it will fall off eventually there is no need for brufen
  3. You have blood under the nail causing the pressure/pain.

    In the past I have heated up a paperclip (to fekin HOT temp) and then pushed it through the nail, this results in a little jet of blood, a bit of pain and then it heals quicker.
  4. Sit in front of a mirror, stare directly at the offending nail and talk to it about, unit cuts, bad pay, being ill equipped, MTD's and ARABS for about 11 minutes, the nail will ease itself from its fleshy lodgings and run for the door screaming..I truly hope this helps
  5. Then again, as a few days have passed it may not work.
  6. Do you have long toe-nails?
    I suspect you may have to wait out until you lose them! Ouch! If the pressure under them is excruciating, the Doc can put a small hole through the nail to release the pressure (using a heated needle or unfolded paper clip), but that will have to be weighed up against the infection risk!
  7. Slightly off topic but on topic if that makes any sense - my clinicial lead said to me a while back that iboprofen / brufen was so over-prescribed in the forces that it had no effect. He went on to say thay you guys build up such an immunity to it that for silly things like colds and sprains that when you need it it just doesnt do the job. Would be very interested to hear what you brufenjunkies feel about this.
    As for toenail, take a razor and slash across your japseyes to make a maltese cross. The ensuing pain will make you totally forget abot any foot problems. Your insane grimace as you sprint 5 miles will make your instructors think you are superhuman and you will be in the SAS within days. I think.
  8. You have a black toenail because of your "snug" fitting reebocks, you need at least 1/2 a size bigger in a running shoe.

    As it only came on after one run I suspect its the blood under the nail thing, in which case either take reni or scuba's advice or cut along to the doc.
  9. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Use a power-drill to get through the nail . .careful, careful now, care . . . . .oops !

  10. Fcuking upstart quacks coming on here slagging brufen off :D .......squaddies take no notice of dose directions they just double it and then have a bit more. Apart from my back and knee's needing replacing I feel great :wink:

  11. I prescribe two hours gym a day, 12-2 during which time I will be slamming your wife's backdoors in. Address please......
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Paint all your toenails in bright pink nail varnish - you will not notice the black one at all after.....
  13. The nail is protecting the tender skin beneath, so try and retain it as long as you can. I would invest in some zinc oxide tape and wrap it round the nail. Try to avoid it getting too wet, don't soak in the bath, a quick shower and pat it dry.
  14. knock me up one of those notes were I can't read a fcuking word you have written prescribing a years supply of brufen(cos me back is killing me)and she's all yours
  15. I hereby declare your wife, daughters, sons and pet animals into my doctoral care in return for two brufen a day which I will throw to you like a seal catching a fish. As I'm bashing every single flap in I hope you will remain stolid otherwise no fish tomorow.

    God, I love junkies, they're so compliant.......