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Discussion in 'Officers' started by BigRed, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    I throw myself on your superior knowledge. I am about to bite the bullet and invest in my own DJ.

    Can you offer advice as to:

    Style - Single/double breasted, buttonhole/straight lapel etc
    Supplier - Reasonable quality able to withstand mess rugby and dry cleaning.

    I bow to the style gurus and exit stage left.
  2. Single breasted, two good waistecoats (one flash, one toned down), a decent cummerbund and some nice braces, good pattent leather shoes!
  3. If you are fat -- go for a single breasted, if you are thin a double. Go for a button hole, straight lapel. Buy two at a time -- one for normal wear and the other for the mess nights. Quality in the mess is not really necessary, since in the early part of the evening the mess will be poorly illuminated and later on when the fun starts, most people are too pissed to notice anything. Replacing DJs is expensive as myself and my male offspring ( also a visitor to ARRSE) can testify.

  4. You have got to be joking?

    He wants to look smart, not look like a Bingo caller.
  5. Pattent leather shoes???????????

    You going to a Charlie Chaplian convention???

    Do you go shopping with Duncan Norvelle?
  6. Don't skimp on price of the cummerbund! A good quality one will look smart for ages: a cheap one will crease up and look very unsightly in no time.
  7. msr

    msr LE


  8. single breasted, pref. one buton (also nice touch if it's a back to back button (same as most tail coats). Cumberband?....errrr. you'll look like an American or as though you've hired the suit. Waistcoat ok, but dependant on style. Traditional 9 button or Edwardian? Google them, but to be honest I would just (and quite often do) only wear a shirt. Good (essential really) quality hard/soft fronted bib shirt. You could push the boat out and get a tunic shirt ('grandad' style, the collars are fitted on with studs), but (only my opinion) must be flat collared. wing collars not good (IMHO). Patent leather, very nice and should only EVER be seen when in dinner suit. Braces too. Some modern DJ's come with Belt loops (NEVER wear a belt!). Moss Bros do reasonable suits, good quality fair price; for the special occasions go for tailored. Many will (I am sure) disagree with me. All I would say is that I am in a DJ on a very regular basis, and (no offence meant to anyone) I am not a doorman.

    Hope this helps? If not feel free to tell me to bu**er off!!
  9. Cummerbund should only be worn if you have a single breasted DJ. Not in vogue anymore (if they ever were). Normally worn by fat blokes in an attempt to hide how much their gut overhangs their trousers.

    Remember to get a jacket with at least 4 buttons at the cuff, and no vents.
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I would buy one decent suit and then another as a battle jacket.

    For the latter I always bought secondhand, either from a decent charity shop/Portobello Road market, or an ex rental number from this lot:
  11. I recently went to a black tie dinner at Sandhurst at the invitation of my son (and an excellent do it was). Before I went I was told in no uncertain terms by Junior that the following were compulsory if I was to avoid embarrassing him (and myself too, come to that).

    No patent leather shoes. Plain leather only, highly polished.

    Flat collared shirt, not wing collared.

    Double cuffs with cuff links and no shirt pocket.

    Proper bow tie - no clip-ons under any circumstances.

    I spent a small fortune on a decent new dinner suit and shoes but I don't regret it one bit. Money well spent. In fact at my son's wedding a couple of months ago one of the officers complimented me on the cut of the suit (no he wasn't gay. I think.)

    Hope this helps. It certainly helped me. In the bar after the meal (when the light was better than when we were dining) some of the guests really let themselves down. The DS and other Sandhurst staff were too polite to comment, but you could tell there'd be some withering remarks when all the guests had left.
  12. As you can see, DJs are really something you have to try out yourself and see what you personally like!

    Single breasted is a good start point, though. Unless you really are taken with double breasted style.
  13. I need a DJ, but can't see the double breasted thing myself. ANyone been to Top Hat in Fulham? Worth it, or buy new?
  14. I was in a hurry for one a couple of years ago and found this online shop on eBay, turns out the actual shop itself is just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon. I went straight down and got it squared away. It was only about 30 mins from my camp so I even saved P&P. Winner! Seriously though, the kit in there's great - and cheap as chips.
  15. I personaly don't wear patent leather. Not for any reasons stated, but because my wife would kill me. Intersesting note, patent leather should only ever be worn with dinner suits. I went to a 'do' in mourning dress, long coat (think Dreads avatar) and someone turned up with patent leather on. Plenty of childish tuts. I like them, and would wear them with black tie should I be allowed, but agree that they really go against protocol. Its a bit like chilled red wine. Very wrong, but if thats how you like it, why not drink it that way.