Black tie with miniatures.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by spaz, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm taking my Dad to a Mess function (Fathers/Sons type job) and need a bit of info on the protocol. Mess members will be in mess dress, guests in black tie. As he is an ex soldier should he wear his miniatures or not?
  2. As above yes
  3. Absolutely
  4. My Dad wore his on the two occasions he accompanied me to the mess and when attending a Sounding Retreat for which the Dress Code was given as "Mess Dress/Black tie with miniatures". So ..yes absolutely.
  5. A lot of our Mess members at the father & sons were fined £1 each for their guests who were absent minitures (the money went behing the bar for what ended as a superb urine up)

    Def wear.
  6. The form was explained to me thusly:

    If you're retired from the services, then definitely wear them with black tie.

    If you're still serving - then absolutely not.

  7. It seems that our lot must have it very wrong then.

    Isn't it rather a case that miniatures are not worn for civvy functions unless invited to wear them. As the function in question is a mess do with mess dress (and implicit that miniatures will be worn), those wearing black tie would automatically be expected to wear them.
  8. Puttees - I really couldn't care either way. If the local Mess custom is to do as you suggest, then fair play to them.
  9. It seems that the answer is to ask the RSM/PMC. Of course, if the answer is "No," then ask "Why the 'kin hell not?" He's earned them.
  10. And, politely mention to the RSM/PMC that it would have been helpful to mention what was required on the invitation.

    It is suggest you pin them on before arriving. If not required than can always we whipped-off discreetly.

    Don't want your Dad to feel uncomfortable, but I agree with others above. Wear them regardless.

    I hope you are not in one of these establishments that does not want (non-military) fathers to feel “disadvantaged”, because they do not have any medals!! Please re-assure me that the modern Army is not that ridiculously “PC”.
  11. It's got nothing to do with non-military fathers feeling disadvantaged. If they didn't join, then they have their reasons and shouldn't be belittled for them. It's not compulsory.

    But if someone who has earned his medals is told that he can't wear them in black tie, then I'd expect that other mess members would be told to remove their miniatures from their mess jackets. Simply, it's not going to happen.

    Wearing medals isn't walting unless you're not entitled to wear them. It's just part of the dress.

    Spaz: Just make sure that Dad isn't wearing any "commemorative" medals, unless on the right lapel, if he must. It won't go down well.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    er, puttees - Spaz has stated his father is ex-services, and everyone has agreed that he (the father of said spaz) should wear his medals.

    Can you explain who and what you are currently arguing about?
  13. Doh! And each of my posts has acknowledged that his father is ex-services...

    My statement is that other fathers attending the same do should not be made to feel disadvantaged because they don't have medals, but removal of medals (which are considered part of the uniform) should not be the solution.

  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I don't think for a moment they would. Any father of a Mess Member that had not served himself would feel privileged to be invited - the amount of medals on display only highlights the company they are in, and they would feel proud of what their son has achieved. As in my Dad, who has not served. His son and his own Father have though, and I know he's proud.