Black tie, or brown?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. That is the question. The Arrse awards are nearly up, and down the NAAFI bar the buiscuits are being laid out on paper plates, outdated cans of Tesco continental lager are being stacked up. It is the event of the year. I am flummoxed as to what to wear. Naked, with the Mess Webley hanging on a very flexible lanyard is my choice....
  2. Srof, have you considered rope?
  3. Scrof mate, unless you turn up in a tall wooden box, you won't be appreciated. Getting up the stairs to receive your Most Annoying Twat of the Year Award might be tricky though...
  4. Scrofula take it from a female perspective. There is NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER any reason to wear a brown tie unless you're up in court charged with 12 counts of murder.
  5. Nothing wrong with brown ties. They dont show the soup stains so much.
  6. Try a bib and hand mouth co-ordination and loose the brown tie. Who knows you might even get laid more often :wink:
  7. Hand to mouth co-ordination is not always an option when the pre-dinner appetizers have been properly served. Will stay with the brown ties.
  8. Mind you, if there is enough decent plonk with dinner, and good brandy for afters, getting laid is not an option either.
  9. Post a pic of exactly how brown we're talking about here. Are they more Raw umber brown or a more subtle ochre brown :wink:
  10. Raw umber, subtle ochre. WTF. Brown brown!
  11. Get in touch with your feminine side for a moment, i know you have one. okay while no one is paying attention, cause they're not. They're all surfing for porn :wink: What brown are we talking about here? I've even gave you a colour chart

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  12. You are missing the whole point. The brown of the tie is dictated by the colour of the soup, and or gravy. What is so hard to understand. Get in touch with your masculine side, it will have brain cells.
  13. How dare you class maroon as a shade of brown!

    Report to you nearest airborne unit immediately, to be filled in.
  14. My masculine side is saying that women really go for men with food stains on their clothes. It's also saying it wishes it could divulge how it really feels about stuff like love and shades of's exact words were " colour and love well you ken what i mean!

    I never said maroon was a shade of brown. BnQ did, i know maroon is a shade of red unless it on a jambo then it's brown, shitty brown!

    And who's gonna fill me in, you? Yeah you and who's army??? :lol: :lol:
  15. A true but seemingly unreal fact is that brown ale doesn't leave a brown stain. On your tie, anyway.....