Black Thursday

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sgnsty, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Was reminded about this a few days ago by an old mate of mine, I did the Royal Signals Leadership Course back in 2001 and to this day it is still one of the hardest things I have ever done... Particularly Black Thursday. Have memories of being woken from a troop harbour at 0530 and then running with full kit and burdens (not forgetting the professors) for the best part of 9 hours, racing the other section between checkpoints. Is this course still running and if so have they toned it down a bit? I seem to remember a few years ago someone told me they had taken all the military aspects out of it, seemed a shame as the FIBUA package we did on the course was still one of the best bits of training Ive ever done...
  2. Nope, it got chinned off a couple of years ago... rumours abound that the now redundant Professors can now be found propping up the bar in The Railway are unconfirmed...
  3. I have fond memories of black thursday also especially the run up and over Pen-y-Fan that was a rare treat and the phrase "It pays to win" still brings the thoughts flooding back
  4. 2001! You must have been on one of hte last courses.

    It is a shame that the RSLC has been binned. It was a fantastic coures, no where could you find a more diverse collection of blokes.

    Pot officers, Pot supervisors, lads from units with no cadre, wasters and those that just needed a bit of ommph.

    I liked the weekend where you were dropped off to do tasks all round UK. To get to Welbeck.
  5. The whole course binned? when did that happen?!

    Yeah the mix of guys on the course was always good for a laugh, Potential Officers and ten year siggies and wasters shoulder to shoulder. (get the feeling I may have been one of the latter)
  6. Don't know for sure, but it was wound down to a couple of courses per year, and then put in to suspended animation (the thinking being it could be restarted if needed) but on the grounds that CLM has an L in it, I beleive the RSLC was binned completely.

    Guess it was around 2007 it was killed off.
  7. Sorry to hear that the RSLC ended. Did mine in 1988 (I was potential YOS and had a career then) and I think it taught me a lot, but above all, it taught me to try and do things with a bit of style.

    IIRC our black Thursday seemed to consist of getting (running) a stretchered "casualty" (made of sandbags) around the training area behind 8 Sigs to a waiting ambulance which mysteriously moved to deal with a "more important casualty" as we approached.

    The day finished at 08:00 on the Friday at Scotton Hall and as we staggered in, absolutely kn**kered, we were met by the DS Staffie (whose name I cannot remember, but he was an ace bloke), telling us that we had missed breakfast. We were all pi**ed off when suddenly the DS Cpl (but again I cannot remember his name (god, the Alzheimer is getting worse)) appeared round the corner and asked if we were the party of 18 who had booked earlier.

    We followed him to the front of the hall where there was two big mess tables laid out on the lawn with full regimental silver and 18 places. We were then served the full English by two waitresses.

    It struck me at the time and has stayed with me since, that you can dish out a lot of sh*t to people but if you reward them well at the end (and in style), they will forget everything that happened before.
  8. They binned the Leadership course to make way for the newly pointless PNCO course