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You get beasted up and down some hills, conducting Moulages at the end of it (when you're nice and fatigued). Usual individual skill assessments and team assessments. Some sliding down ropes with heavy kit etc, etc. All to be eligible to serve with Med Tp. Day to day routine in Med Tp, quite dull. Lots of Med Cover etc. You might get to go on short-term ops, but I would suggest the thinking Man's P Coy as an alternative i.e. All Arms Commando Course.


does anybody have any info about this course and what is done on it>?

You pretend your on selection... then when you pass you get the usual north face clothing and a pair of sunglasses with a piece of black card across the front in case anyone takes any photo's of you. Oh and you get to call people by there first name too.

Oh and after all that, if your on standby with MSW it doesn't matter whether youv'e done it one not!

I dont think you get any special pay either.... sorry.


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can you do the course even if you dont plan to serve within a commando unit

Why should the army pay a fortune just so you can wear a gucci badge?


Mate if you are interested in doing black serpant dont ask on this you will end up finding that the people who will answer you have tried and failed the course and it will be because "the DS didnt like me,I would have passed but got injured! etc etc etc" Contact your Regimental training wing for advice your Training WO will advise you on everything you need to know also go onto Dii and look for the DIN that will also give you all the relevant info required for the course. It is a two week training course where you are assesed on all your normal MATT's and undergo medical moulages these are not aimed way above your head they are done by CMT's for CMT's and you need to demonstrate that you can undertake further adavnced medical training. As far as getting Northface etc etc you can also choose RAB or Berghuas or any other cold weather gear that will keep you warm on cold days and nights on the hills.......TIT!:thumright: you will enjoy it and learn a lot if you want to test yourself at role one and or two with UKSF then go for it. You call people by first names to show that it is a classless enviroment! That said it is classless not rankless!! As for kidding on your on selection cheers for that gonkbag it is nothing even close to selection. You can do the AACC if you want to and your unit put you forward same as P Coy either one will stand you in good stead for service with either UKSF/Pathfinders/Commando units/16 AAB
Speak to your CoC, they will put your name down on a list. A few weeks later you will get this through your door, in a plain brown envelope. Once you've reached Prestige level 10 you're ready to apply for the selection course.......good luck!


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Can none of you illiterates spell, it's serpent you mongs.


Removed because I was being a bit nobbish.


same as before.


That's a shit and biggoted view to have mate and if your in the mess then as a senior you should know better. People have the same misconceptions of us as they do about the winged up lads the truth of the matter is you get good medics lads and lassies who have done BS and you get knobs and unless I am wrong thats the same in every walk of life! The decent people who have done and passed the cse work for the uksf med gp and don't cut about being Billy bigtime,the others do! Don't judge a book by it's cover mate and if it falls to to to advise your juniors about the sfc cse or BS have the balls to man up and say "I havnt done the cse but I will find out what I can and put you in touch with someone who can help"
So this thread has nothing to to do with the original "Black Serpent", AKA 5A's cock?

I'll leave the way I came in thanks, no need to nominate a windooooooooooooooo.........