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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Sinner251, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Somethings gone wrong with my gaming pc, when I switch on all I get is the following message:
    "Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device ans press any key"

    No Idea what wrong it. (PC's are black magic as far as I'm concerned)

    Any suggestions?
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  2. Hi,
    have you got a cd's/dvd rom's in any of your disc drives? If so remove and try again !!
    let me know how you get on

    Good luck and cheers,
  3. It's because you are a gamer. Possibly also a spotter.

    You may also smell and have no life.
  4. Try this: Boot up with the Windows CD in the drive, and go to the Recovery Console. At the command prompt, type "Fixboot", then type "Fixmbr", then "Bootcfg /rebuild" all without the quotes.
  5. Nope Nothing in disc drive or any usb drives. Cheers.
  6. Give Maguire a ring, he is also a spotter.
  7. Cheeky Scouse trollop, I do a little gaming on one of those rare occasions when not at work. Also the Coven (Or daughters if you Prefer, though I mostly use evil harridens) like to play games.
  8. Right just need the windows disc.................... it was around here just the other year. I'm sure I saw it when I unpacked it.

    Buggered if I know where it is. Though if I find the damn thing I'll try your suggestion.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ah, miss pot - please allow me to introduce you to master kettle.
  10. Whoops missed that 1st time, Smell? You're from Widnes, therefore immune to all smells.

    Also explains that dishevelled Ginger bathmat.
  11. Right on start up try pushing F8 key repeatedly until you get to a boot screen. Then maybe just maybe you will be offered some options use arrow keys to highlight "last known good config that worked" and push enter" .
    If that dont work have a look in your bios you can access this by pushing F2 and Delete button alternaltely on start up, have a look in there to see if anything has gone wayward.

    Good luck

  12. I'll give them a go Roger next week when I get some time and the screaming horde of harpies are at school.

    Thanks everyone.....even the sweary lady(as shes called by Middle daughter after leaving my facebook on and she was attracted by pics of Pip. Had to explain that Sluggy was a ruffian soldier type).
  13. Have you moved your pc at all? It may be just a loose cable!
  14. Nope, though I will have a look and check all connections when I try and fettle the problem next week.

    The list of things to check is getting longer :(
    Cheers Recce.
  15. Don't hold back now sinner :? :biggrin:
    Let us know how you get on