Black rubber around rim of helmet

Anyone know where i can get one of the black bands you often see stretched around the rim of helmets?

Ive just fitted a scrim net onto my helmet, but need something to hold it in place, and heard that the black rubber bands were perfect.

However i dont have a clue where to get one. Ive read other posts that say they come from tractor tyre inner tubes, or a landrover tyre inner tube, but where could i get one of these.

Thanks for any help
You will need the rubber as tape dries up and falls off too quickly. Any servicing bay/kwik fit should have an old car inner tube lying about, tractor tube is too big. Just cut a piece straight across.
Also cut the rest out of the tube and flog them on ebay as reserve 49 para stock.
You QM will usually hold a supply.

You will need to pre-stretch your band before attaching it. A long-weight is the best way of doing this. Ask one of your seniors to show you how it's done.

Any probs, let me know.

PB don't you have to suspend a long weighted inner tube over a bucket of steam to retain the elasticity? Best ask for one of these whe getting the long weight.
PP, you're quite right. It's easier to demonstrate than explain though.

In my experience most NCOs can supply a long-weight without too much trouble. You have only to ask.

No, im sure the correct method is to use a sky hook to suspend the Rubber over the bucket of steam.....though i could be wrong!

Cheers Easy!
I disagree ,a short stand would be better than a sky hook. sorry dont have the nsn for one though
Edit for mong spelling ! 2nd edit for 1st edits mong spelling !
But it had better be level. Get some bubbles for spirit levels while you're at it
If you want some black rubber around your helmet, just pop around to MDNs on a Friday night. Sure he will be happy to help.
"Black condoms... " I thought they were only issued to "Them" ( and 49 para)so you wont see them commi.. !
wheelchairwarrier said:
"Black condoms... " I thought they were only issued to "Them" ( and 49 para)so you wont see them commi.. !
Yeah but they have the eye holes cut out just like the balaclavas
soprano54 said:
From the top of an NBC (CBRN) boot!
yep. cut a band from the top of an nbc overboot.
FluffyBunny said:
Whilst you're getting the long weight from the Q stores, you'll need something to hang the skyhooks from, so ask for a short stand as well.
along the same lines, but easier, you could get a rubber band of a different color, go to the qm's & ask for some black paint. the trouble with thius paln is thou, that he may just fob you off with dpm paint, saying that it is better, but persievia & insist on black.
he'll do this as dpm paint is much more plentifull than black you see. :)
...............But really, why? Just tie up the strings on the bottom of the cover.

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