Black Powder Licence

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by ticklishrodent, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Any one know the rewuirements?
  2. Shooting as opposed to explosives use?
    Explosives use is easy, just need to speak to your local Police Explosives Liason Officer and he will sort you the paperwork.
    I'm sure somebody well informed will come along with the requirements for shooting with the stuff
  3. For a matchlock!
  4. Get in touch with the Firearms Dept at you local Police HQ they will send you details of everything you need to know and the kind of security you will need to put in place.
  5. f you already have an FAC it should be pretty much OK subject to safe storage for "Shooters Powders" which in practical terms means buying (or making) a wooden storage box that meets HSE standards in terms of fire safety and also have some basic security around that.

    You also need a certificate from the HSE to allow you to transport the stuff: A Recipient Competant Authority certificate, which is a mostly pointless execise as the HSE send them on request once they see you have been granted an Explosives Cert. but still need one

    However. need none of that for Black Powder substitutes like Pyrodex etc. They are treated as Propellants, not Explosives.

    AFAIK nobody in the last Century has been injured by Black Powder stored in the home going off, yet all of that is a "concessional treatment" because otherwise the full strictures explosives storage regulations would apply.
  6. What he said. You can easily construct the wooden box yourself but it has to be to spec. Specification is available from MLAGB etc. Just google it.
  7. Original or repro matchlock? European or Japanese style?

    I have seen fellas here shooting in the high 90s at 50m with repro matchlocks....humbled us rifle shooters down to the ground.
  8. European English Civil War
  9. That can be used within a revolving wheel. It needs to be about the size of a matchstick. Non sulphur, just black powder.
  10. Or even a matchbox?
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  15. "concessional treatment". That's a good one. When I first started using Black Powder (for a .450 revolver). One only needed a license to acquire, no license required to keep. It was free and the Police took an FAC as 'Good Reason'.

    Mind you I did have one lunatic plod insisting that I keep my Black Powder in a steel box!!!