Black Police Officers Association

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by syledis, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Just read on BBC news that the NABPO (National Association of Black Police Officers ) have had their funding suspended due to financial irregularities. 2 points: Watch them scream racism at the top of their voices, and why do they get funding anyway?
  2. They get funding because dey is black, if a group called itself the "White" Police association and campaigned for preferential treatment for itself, they would be booted from the force for being racist.

    Recruitment and promotion should be on merit, not skin colour otherwise it makes a mockery of the whole idea of equality.
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  3. You mean the colour of your skin and you ethnicity can make you "more equal" than others. Who would have thought such a thing! Just waiting for Trevor Phillips and Chakrabati to appear on the news giving their unbiased opinion. I am so F*ckin sick of this country, what is going to be left for my kids?
  4. Not alot if theyre british born...
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  5. They'll say they've been framed and that it's all just a mistake and the recipts were in another drawer all the time - 'onest guv!
  6. And just what would be their reaction to a
    White Police Officers Association?
    Fecking outrageous idea and should be banned, certainly not funded by anybody but themselves.
    Might as well start a Metropolitan Police branch of the All White Brotherhood
  7. Actually, why do they receive any funding at all? Does any other TU or staff professional association receive government funding and if not, why not.

    Their funding should come from members subscriptions. Perhaps an FOI request is required?

  8. There is the Black Police Officers Association, there is also:
    Muslim Police Officers Association &
    Gay Police Officers Association!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What we need is a White Police Officers Association.

    Do you think that will ever happen - not a fecking chance.
  9. Just before Sven screams for it, here is the link and the text:

    Anti-Honky Rozzers Cash Clamped

  10. Police Review (today) - NBPA owes Greater Manchester Police £140,000 relating to its annual conference last year. In a statement a GMP spokeswoman said ' GMP remains in discussions with the national Black Police Association in relation to last year's conference'. Kieth Jarrett , president of the NBPA said that the association's 2007 conference will go ahead this autumn. He added that he did not fear that the NBPA may close due to its financial difficulties because there was still a need for it to support its members. It would continue with or without Home Office funding.

    The Home Office has ordered the NBPA to work out how it has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds in Governmnet grants in the last four years.

    An official letter, sent by the Home Office, stated that the organisation will get no further funding until it can properly account for the money it has received and the money it will recieve.

    Formed in 1998.

    1999 : The NBPA receives £45,000 in funding from the Home Office.

    2002 : The NBPA is registered as a charity and recieves £70,370 from the Home Office.

    2003 : The Home Office grants the NBPA £81,213.

    2004 : The NBPA recives £123,638 from the Home Office.

    2005 : The NBPA recieves £172,610 from the Home Office.

    2006 : The NBPA recieves !180,000 from the Home Office.

    1 Apr 2007 - The NBPA grants are frozen by the Home Office due to concerns about 'financial irregularities' and the 'lack of meaningful and accurate accounts'.

    Police review revealed that the association, which is registered as a charity, has submitted no audited accounts to either the Home Office or the Charity Commission since at least 2003.

    A Home Office spokeswoman said that the charity had received a total of £672,832 in Home Office grants since 1999.

    Keith Jarrett said "I cannot find any evidence of dishonesty but maybe I am looking at it through rose tinted glasses". When asked if he was confident the auditors would not find any evidence of wrong doing, Mr Jarrett replied "I am confident of that but I have been known to be wrong in the pqast. I cannot swear for everyone".

    The NBPA is 'being chased' by the Charities Commission for failing to file accounts for almost 3 years.
  11. BB51, did you say that there is a GAY police officer's assoc?????????? Argh. Imagine what they get upto during the 'AGM' Eugh. Makes me fukken sick.

  12. ....about as much chance as the English getting a Parliament!
  13. Are there any English in Parliament ( Yak Yak!)

  14. Nothing will happen. It will be a big non-event, just like the Home Office accounts, the DSS accounts and various other govt depts that can't match their figures. It will all just plod on.
  15. Ummm, what exactly do you need £180k for each year? Thats £15k per month - perhaps an FOI asking for a breakdown of how the equivalent sum of 6 PC's per year is spent may be in order?