Black police leaders are threatening to take legal action

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. here
    I didn't realise that Iranians were "black".
    Is this trying to drum up publicity for his book?
  2. Surprise surprise! crap at his job,whines when he does not get what he wants and plays the good old racist card!
  3. Did he not get promotion because he is "ethnic" or simply because he just aint good enough?
  4. He's got a massive chip on his shoulder (and like you said a book to advertise.) Maybe, just maybe, there might be the smallest chance of a possibilty that he wasn't suitable for promotion!!
  5. Sigh.
  6. He was on with Paxman last night. Must admit he came over quite reasonably but wouldn't commit despite Paxman's blatantly obvious attempt to up the tempo. In fact, he knocked the wind right out of Paxmans sails, which is always nice to see.

    He told Paxman that he wouldn't comment upon the promotion thing until he'd seen his feedback.

    Paxman had previously tried to get him to comment on the incident in Sheffield and credit to the bloke, he told Paxman that he himself had been in similar situations and having viewed the footage and having seen past the intial reactions, he said the bloke did alright, but added that the IPCC should investigate it.

    Anyone hear the Liberal reaction to the Sheffield thing today on Radio 2? Looks like Clegg has the copper sacked and convicted already.
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    So he was graded exceptional. So what? Anyone at that level should be at that level of competance as well. The fact that he is number 4 in a list of 6 excellent candidates should not be seen as disrespectful, rascist or even unfair.

    It is simply he, this time, hasn't made the promotion line in line with the number of available positions.

    Tough. Keep working, maintain the same standard and maybe next time he'll make it.

    Quite pathetic
  8. here Grauniad quoting Clegg, Chakrabarti & O'Connor (formerly of Scotland Yard)

    Well said Mr O'Connor :thumright:
  9. Could it not be that he is GREEN with envy and GREEN police officers don't have an association?

    Just thought I'd throw another colour into the equation.
  10. Is the Black Police Association for any policeman who isn't white? Sounds a bit discriminatory to me.
  11. Theres a few coppers in the TA on here, any "non-black" ones want to attempt to join this association, if you can't join i'd like to know how far you get in setting up a "caucasian police association".

  12. Every other country seems to have a Police Force that they back when things start getting out of hand. Take the recent violence in Denmark over a youth club that got out of hand. It turns out that youth anarchist movements came in to fuel the violence so the Police arrested 650 and ended up bulldozing the youth centre over which the problems were occurring. This was after a couple of nights of rioting. Just because the police deal out a bit of 'strong arm of the law' every now and then does not make us a police state and the copper should be applauded for his actions and the country should take a reality pill and apply a bit of common sense. Toni Comer deserved everything she got.
  13. Of course it discriminates but as we all know only white people are racist...... :blank:
  14. I think that the white police association should complain..............
    Not being racist but I have always thought that a black police association is wrong, If anybody has a problem shouldnt the police association help/deal with the situation?
    But then what do I know
  15. The term 'black' used within the 'black and ethnic minority rights industry' refers to all non-white people in the UK. It is argued that since all ethnic minorities face the same prejudices, discrimination and racism, they can be labelled under the umbrella term 'black'. It is funny how this idea came from within the Afro-Caribbean voluntary sector, and that there were reservations from other ethnic minority communities about being labelled as black. However, in the end a 'pragmatic' consensus was agreed since it was thought that more 'positive' change could be brought about if ethnic minorities 'stood together as one'.

    A number of years ago I had the miserable and infuriating task of designing a publicly funded (several hundred grand) publication for a small national black voluntary organisation. The general theme of the hundred or so pages was the inequality faced by black people within the health service. Prior to designing the book for the print-run I had the unenviable task of copy-editing the chaotic content. It soon became clear to me that the publication was inherently racist against white people. For a start, whenever the term black was mentioned (very often) a capital 'B' was used but whenever the term white was -- often derogatorily -- used there was no capital. The underlying theme of the document focussed on 'white hegemony' and 'oppression by whites'. It was produced to be one big guilt trip. I am sure that there were many phrases and terms used within the book that, had they been applied to black people by whites, the publication would have been in the hands of the police and charges may well have followed.

    When I initially sent the copy back for proofing by the 'committee' I had made it so that both black and white were used without capitals. The document soon came back with vitriolic instructions to use capitals whenever the term black was used. I did so but also used capitals whenever the term white was mentioned, too. The document came back to me with instructions to remove the capitals from white but not Black.

    Eventually the document went to print and the last minute I made a couple of subtle changes. On one of the pages I changed the word 'can't' with cnut and on another page I changed the word 'work' with 'wnak'. This should have caused some consternation since the document was used as the reference material by local and national government and throughout the NHS. All in all, it was a terribly miserable experience for me. However, I was smiling at the end of it since I earned 15 grand for two months work. No, I don't usually earn that type of money; yes I did rip them off.