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black pen or blue pen


I use the black one if I want the squiggles on the white folding stuff to be black and the blue one if I want them to be blue.

I have also been known to use red and green ones as well.
Black definately, just looks better.

Thank god I'm not the only one, MrsZippy looks at me like I've got two heads when I say no I need a black pen after she has offered me a blue one.

rickshaw said:
Blue or black demonstrate that you have little ambition. Within a NATO environment, one should aspire to red or green!
ha ha ha I have great ambition... propper self driven so that is bollox :D
Black because it scans better than blue. I think that all official government type forms have to completed in black now anyway (passport app, car tax etc).
Gluck_ab said:
Shouldn't it be purple in this day and age - joined-up metaphorically and literally too hopefully.
Never purple. Too imperial. Seriously, in the wonderful world of NATO HQs, the colour of the ink that you use indicates your rank/position and so those reading a margin note (or whatever) in a paper know who has written it!
My writing is always neater in blue for some reason. Remember presenting some information to a WOII once in neat blue writing and he sent it back with a bo**ocking 'cos it was not in black.

I believe there is some unwritten law saying official documents should be in black.

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