Black Ops: ARRSE Zombie Hunters

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by King-walt, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. I propose a new group of Black Ops players who band together online on PC, PS3 or whatever format your on and fight on the zombie levels together... any takers? :)
  2. I am in, tinman74 xbox live.
  3. Tis shame I'm on PC
  4. Anyone for PS3? I aint got Black Ops yet but when i do ill be up for sorting those zombies out, theyve beaten me too many times in WaW so i wanna give them a damn good thrashing
  5. xbox360 - smudge67er
  6. If anyone wants to add me on Steam for zombie mission's my steam ID is tangodown and I've got the Pentagon level as well (completed it already the single player campaign!).
  7. I do like Zombies....

    Bravo2nothing on PS3.
  8. Yeah why not

    FourEM909 :-360
  9. Will do when i finally gret around to buying the fecker. Never bothered with MW2 so am a little out of touch with the COD multi player style with all this air strike shite. Going to be a steep learning curve.
  10. Im always up for a giggle.
    Xbox 360
    Does anyone have the world at war maps also?
  11. I know I'm a bit late to to party but I've just got online

    strollingseven1 on 360
  12. on PC as oggie ARRSE not to good at it (level 38) as I only have 3 eyes and the third one is closed due to a friggin well hot vindaloo
  13. i'm on pc dogguk
  14. Will certainly be up for a laugh on this, going to have to get a new xbox though, some binlicking Brummie made off with mine :shakefist:
  15. I finally finished the solo mode and I am up for 'world at war' maps - chimera1974

    I suck at this though, people have no sense of working together & communicating to help each other, hence the highest I could reach was level 8 & 12 respectively...