Black Nasty

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ciderman, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. I have today been given the onminous task of rewriting AESP 5430-S-832-5649 which if you recall is the instructions for the use of and authorised uses of Tape Black ( Black Nasty). I have only just started but I was wondering if any arrsers could tell me of their uses of black nasty, if they were not in the previuos publication I will endevour to have them authorised by QMG
  2. Ask 5.56.

    main one being a house brick of the stuff concealing the indetity of SF.
  3. We used to use it to avoid having to fill out an FMT3,when coupled with thick lashings of paint it saved a lot of form filling,hope this helps
  4. Black nasty is one of the most indespensible bits of kit around. The Universal fixer of everything. Its main use has to be on webbing though. Excess webbing/daysack straps etc. However, stear clear of the shiny black type of tape which is like a cheap and nasty version of black nasty. The Glue on the tape is s*ite and it shines too much (Not good in the field!) , the tape with the cross-hatch texture is the best quality!. Also great use as comedy side-burns, moustache, goatee etc. Make sure those uses go in the pamphlet! Cheers Easy!!!!
  5. Stripping off Sprogs Eyebrows
  6. Securing Sprogs to trees
  7. Reaparing anything in my house
  8. Pretending to be special forces in shite photos
  9. Almost anything to do with abusing new boys.......
  10. Holds my entire cvr(t) together. And apparently most chinooks and Lynx, Ive been informed.
  11. Tit tape! :)
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    :lol: I walked into the Armoury at RAF Bruggen & the was Jez Davies with a wide strip of the stuff wrapped around his head ,trying to peel it off (he'ed been jumped & taped up!) & in walkes the Chief Tech,Dave Hastings (Last 4 was 1066!!Seriously!) A wee Scotsman with a twisted humour.
    Anyway,He grabbed the loose end & ripped it off!! :twisted: Jez had a crew cut after that!
  13. A huge afro for a 70s night.

    Gringo mootach for that 'down south' look

    Pimping my ride - I mean blacking out Landrover windows.....
  14. Stopping torch rattling, fixing poncho/bivibag/bergan, fixing drysuit (not in cadets) and many other uses that you can find in my book 1001 uses of black 'n' nasty
  15. If anybody flaked in the SQN bar they used to get black nastied to a chair for a quick eyebrow shaving session. Also as Rhodesian said, its good stuff for bodgeing up any bumps/scrapes with lashings of paint IRR OG/black.

    Regards LT.