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Below is an excert from an office e-mail about naughty children....

We swear by it………..it can be applied to any orifice, or used to adhere child to any object of choosing…………. and of course any movement by child results in some mild pain (like removing a band aid) thus having a claming/pacifying effect on the child……removal of duct tape from child on the other hand poses a number of challenges……! I understand the Child Development department of an established university is conducting trails to determine most effective way to separate child from duct tape without the need for extensive surgery!
In the absence of a PhD on the removal of Black & Nasty from children can Arrse help me come up with some practical ideas to aid removal of the said product or for that matter any other child raising applications?

I find a hydrochloric acidic paste works wonders on removing said adhesive. It also scars quite horrifically, but at least they will learn their lesson.


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No, No, No. Everyone knows a hot steam iron placed on top of the tape, while pressing the steam button, is the only sure fire way of removing the tape. It must be true i read it in Chat or some such fem publication.

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