Black nasty and green string - The answer to everything?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. I don't think we've had this thread topic before, have we? Ah well, here goes...

    I stood and watched today as a few civvies attempted to fix their garden bench, knowing too well that, were it in my garden, it would have been given the aforementioned treatment, regardless of the resulting appearance. It got me wondering....

    What's the most elaborate, lazy, funny or downright ingenious use of green string or black nasty you've ever seen (or bodged yourself)?
  2. I fixed a roof with black nasty yesterday. No joke. We have had a new stench pipe put in, and the plumber takes a tile off and puts the stench pipe out the top. Step-dad decides water may get in through the roof. Guess who gets to climb the ladder? Muggins here. Didnt look to bad, the roofer complemented me on my job when he came to do it properly (with lead).
  3. Not sure about bodging, but I was manning a 352 as a rebro once and noticed a bit of black nasty on the side of the amp. Being bored and curious, I peeled it back just to see. It wasn't covering anything or holding anything on, just stuck there.

    But the very instant I took it off, we lost comms. I'd love to say we got them back when I stuck it back on, but they were gubbed. We didn't get them back until we'd moved half a K and set up again. I'd just brewed up as well.
  4. That would be pretty amazing. Sometimes electronics do behave that though. All depends how many times you throw them across the room shouting 'fuck it!!'. And of course, repaired wi black maskers and green string.
  5. I'm waiting for someone to confess to only using Black 'n' Nasty, to repair wrecked vehicles.

    All the Air Frame Tech's in crab air, used it to hold together ALL planes (could be wrong, maybe the Queens Flight used metal).

    Anyone know for sure?
  6. I personally reckon the best use for it is as the military's answer to Meccano or Lego. Keeps nippers entertained for hours, and gives the REME lads a break as well!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I assume that this is a WAH?

    Of course b&n + green string works on everything - that is why they were invented.

    p.s. Bet it did not go through MOD procurement assessment!!!!!!!
  8. i had a door handle that was coming off and we were trying to sell the house and had a viewer that same day. so i stick the door nob on with blue tac an black nasty and all is well. later on the viewer pulls the door nob off in his hand! he laughed so it was alrite i guess.
  9. All self respecting Cheiftain fitters carried a roll of green string in their toolboxes for when the FIPS went tits up but we couldn't get hold of black nasty as the tankies used their stores for storing things like that.
  10. i think some REME typs used black nasty to make body armour in the gulf
  11. Fitting an aerial to the roof of the new house. Used tons of black and a roll of comms cord, appropriately enough.

    Then had to take it all off again when the guys came. Two hours later, with it working far less well, they were trying to reconstruct what i'd done in order to move forward.... 'spec, as they say round here!
  12. Smartascarrots, did you realise that you were undoing someone's lucky tape? You sinner.
  13. I once had my leg cut off in a car crash but managed to stitch it back on with some green string and used some black nasty to stop the bleeding. Worked a treat.

    that might have been a bit of a fib :oops:
  14. Not sure about the green string, but I only have two items in my toolbox; Black Nasty and WD40. I can fix anything with these two items.

    If it moves, and it shouldn't - use Black Nasty
    If it doesn't move, and it should - use WD40


  15. Swiss Army knife and an adjustable spanner, mate. What else do you need?

    I must have used a bit too much of this stuf at home. When I told my 2-year-old that the floor in the bathroom was broken and I was going to fix it, she said, "Shall I fetch the sellotape?" :oops: