Black Lives Matter UK

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I did t realise Paul blast was such a sensitive soul, was it GBH or ABH you were convicted for?

Again you seem to either be;
a) Terribly misinformed
b) Just flinging faeces in the hope something will stick (Much like a chimp in the zoo.)
c) A hypocritical liar who cannot function in the real world.
Again you seem to either be;
a) Terribly misinformed
b) Just flinging faeces in the hope something will stick (Much like a chimp in the zoo.)
c) A hypocritical liar who cannot function in the real world.
I’m going for all 3.
Sure, champ.

Yet another erudite pronouncement from the ARRSE's very own Oscar Wilde.
How long were you sitting in your armchair, in your trophy room, before you came up with this response?
Perhaps you should consider a career in literature?
A loss to the Services, but literature's gain.
Initially I thought something like this is what you may have had in mind.
A widely recognised symbol of the all inclusive Roman Legions.
During their early tours of Europe and North Africa, this magnificent bird was paraded before the locals, who would eventually discover that equal opportunities existed in abundance under Romes stewardship.
Many diverse peoples were brought together under this banner, and given the opportunity to become proficient in various skill sets, including construction, farming, heavy haulage and the entertainment industry.
Magnificent arenas were erected, utilising the skills of local trainees, and the Romans actively encouraged budding athletes to compete against each other whilst being cheered on by the crowds.
Others were even given the chance to become lion tamers.
However, this all happened a long time ago, and I think it would be better if we could find a similar symbol that went on tour around Europe and North Africa in more recent times.
Can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I'll get back to you when I do.

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Is this the Ensign Ewart standard in Edinburgh Castle ?
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Is this the Ensign Ewart standart in Edinburgh Castle ?

Nope, but it seems to have been captured in the same engagement. Ensign Ewart nicked the 45th Regiment's Eagle off of them.

Another nailsy as hell guy nicked the 105th Regiment of Foot's Eagle off of them.

This eagle standard of the French 105th Infantry Regiment, captured by Captain A K Clark of the 1st (or Royal) Dragoons, was one of nearly 100 presented by Napoleon to his army in 1815. These eagles replaced those of 1804 that had been destroyed during his first exile in 1814.
A second person has now been charged with conspiracy to murder.
No details yet, but given the fact that nobody is talking to the police, I reckon they're doing a pretty good job so far.
I don't suppose that Sashas mob will appreciate it though.
Why would I need time to get to grips with that?
I don’t stereotype, generalise unlike some on this site.

At last something we agree on.
Like you I don't generalise, unlike some posters on this site.
Ironic isn't it.
No, but you do a great line in comedy.

Thank you. I've not laughed so hard in days.
You suggested I’d have an issue with some one simply being called out as a racist due to the colour of their skin, I asked you why you would think that.

You still haven't answered.
If only everyone would just stop paying their license, and refuse entry to their properties of any TV license goons, and refuse to answer any of their questions or sign anything - that would soon put an end to the BBC and their crazy antics.

I've never had a TV license in my life - and I will never buy one. The last time I had a visit from any of these TV goons was well over 10 years ago, I was in my bed at the time Saturday morning about 9am and 3 of them turned up chapping my door. I popped my head out of the upstairs window, looked out asked them what they wanted - then told them to bugger off! They looked like sheepish twats as they slunk away.

I still get the usual letter every 2 or 3 months, but they go straight into the bin - so they waste even more of the license payers money by sending these.

If you want to sort the BBC out - don't fund it, they will soon get the message.

My bold any crappy mail I identify as being not wanted , I just scrawl RETURN TO SENDER all over it and pop it back in the nearest post box, then apparently the receiver will have to pay the postage fee. !!
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