Black Lives Matter UK

I’m with you with the far left, you need to look deeper at why the have that platform, who benefits from it?

the talented footballers thread is a thread of joy for certain elements of the site, it’s like they scan police frequencies in London the Evening Standard (as opposed to a myriad of other newspapers) for a death on the streets of our capitol city in between, and on top of, scanning theatre and restaurant reviews, 'local' London news and how QPR are doing.

Society needs to stop getting angry and emotional about being told about history, life, when It’s factual accurate etc. Not one sided.
We also shouldn’t judge history With today’s eyes, I think this country is the most inclusive moderate society in the world, the average person on the street regardless of colour, religion couldn’t give a flying **** who or where you come From as long As you are a Decent human.
I am not challenging your views; just adding mine.
Recently? say on the last 50 years?


Taken from here, which also includes the charging guidelines.

Taken from here, which also includes the charging guidelines.
Again when is dressed in black against the law?
Is wearing black political?

Well it's no good asking Himmler

As various groups of extremely dark complexioned individuals attack each other, in various incidents around the country, with, in excess of foot long knives, we are told Black Lives Matter.

It certainly does matter, and we could certainly do without these excessive demonstrations of exactly why!!!

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So wearing all black whilst protesting is?
I could be wrong but I thing public order sec.5 would cover it. (In the instance described)

I know at least one person on this thread is familiar with Pink Floyd's The Wall. There is a scene in that. Very similar,

Well when they start erection statues of Meibion Glyndwr you may have a point otherwise wind your neck in.
No I won't wind my neck in you lefty twa t.

If you don't like it put me on ignore.
Shouldn't John Barnes be in the Talented Rappers stabbing each other thread, as he isn't talented
Of course, what they really need to do to kill taking the knee off is to turn it into a goal celebration.