Black Lace Band (Oak Leaf Pattern)

Does anyone know of a supplier for the Black Lace Band (Oak Leaf Pattern) for the issued Forage Cap, I don't have the ability to demand this item, so I am after a supplier or if anyone would be kind enough to source some for me, I would be very grateful, PM me if needed.
Many Thanks LCPL_Bull

P.s. We are badged Mercian and this is the name of the item needed (according to current dress regs)
you MAY be able to scrounge some from RHQ i suspect. What county are you in? There might be a TA centre near you so it could be worth giving PSAOs/ QPSIs a call and begging
Pop down to your local prison (HMP, not contracted out) and ask one of the old and bold Prison Officers if he still has his peak cap as these were fitted with Victorian Bands, (Black leaf pattern).

HMP management stopped Prison Officers wearing peaked caps inside prisons some years ago and the Officers threw the caps into the back of thier lockers to collect dust as they hardly used them for escorts/court duties since these were contracted out .

You may have Prison Officers in your county cadet force as Officers and AI's.

Or try a company called Threadneedle who supply uniforms to Prison Officers.

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