Black Knights Parachute Centre....Arty Display Team??

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by kingburn_99, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Recently booked my first 6 parachute jumps in an attempt to get qualified the long and expensive way (as a civi) at the Black knights parachute centre. As an ex gunner i was chuffed to find out that the Black Knights Display team were actually the Royal Artillery Parachute Team. Just wondering if there were any Black knights or affiliated people in here just to ask a few questions.

    Are the instructors there civis/ex-squaddies/current serving?
    How many people actually progress to first solo freefall within 6 jumps?
    Am i gonna totally sh*t my pants the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th times? haha

    cheers for any replies, bullshit or otherwise.

  2. Can’t help with the much of this, but as for sh*tting your pants… No matter how many jumps you do there will always be a good deal of “adrenalin” (the polite term), but:

    1. If it’s not exciting then it’s pointless (and expensive) doing it.

    2. A certain amount of adrenalin keeps you focused. Without it you are a danger to yourself and others. If it’s controlled then it’s a good thing and to be expected.

    That said, the first few jumps are quite, erm, exciting. I did mine a long time ago and the average to get onto free fall (3 seconds to start with) was about 10 jumps.

    Have fun and enjoy it 8)
  3. Cheers ScouseD......

    I am very very sure i will enjoy it, been wanting to do it for ever and after getting bored of asking the SPSI i thought, Fck it and went down the Civi route.

    I like to think i am not a total feckwit and enjoy learning new things so i hope to progress well.

    Where can one purchase adult nappies!?
  4. A while since I jumped, but a commonly held opinion is that one never remembers one's first jump because of the sensory overload. Certainly true in my case!

    IIRC when going through the RAPS system (I did aeroconicals...) the first three jumps are on the dope rope, then next three on the rope with a dummy pull & one only progresses to free fall on the seventh if all the previous jumps have been GATW or better.

    Good luck - skydivers know why the birds sing!
  5. I've recently gone through the RAPs system at Netheravon. You can get to freefall on 2 good static line jumps and 3 good dummy pulls. It took me 18 jumps to get onto freefall though! However once I started freefall I blitzed through the rest of the levels.

    The fear subsides after a few jumps and the only thing I worry about is messing it up!

    Have great first 6 jumps, you'll love it!
  6. The only thing you worry about if messing it up?? surely that is because messing it up can often lead to having a premature meeting with hard stuff.

    As sad as it seems i have wanted to skydive for ages but i was spurred to do it by the most recent Mcnab book (seven troop) his description of his experiences just brought home how much i wanted to do it. Along with all the positive feedback above, i cant wait to do it!!!

    So there are no Arty Black Knights here then??........i may get my basic jumps out of the way, join back up then spend my weekends skydiving on her majesty's purse!

    And yes dad also recalls nothing from his first few jumps. However, his first jump was done as a favour from the instructor to my dads brother. He gave him a rig, on the way up to 3,500 feet he told him the essentials then away he went!!! good ol' days
  7. Why are they called the "Black Knights"? Sounds waltish.

    The Flying Gunners, White Helmets and blue lanyards or whatever the signals parachute display team have tips to the activity/uniform.

    The Red Devils tips its hat to the name the Germans gave the Paras in the desert....

    So why the "Black Knights"?
  8. Hopefully one will appear shortly and explain.......

    Or maybe my intel is bollcks and i am talking sh1t
  9. 2001 also saw the return of the “Black Knights” name used in the sixties and seventies by the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.

    is all i can find!!!

    A general question to all then. I have 3rd party liability insurance due to being a member of the BPA, however when recieving my booking confirmation i also recieved info on further insurance cover to cover me should i hurt myself and be out of work for example. Anyone bother with extra insurance or is there no need, especially when jumping in the UK?
  10. Where have have you booked your course? If it's not too late you could join the APA and learn at Netherhavon. It's a great DZ and you should get some sort of discount being ex forces.

    I presume your doing an AFF course in which case different criteria have to be met on each level allowing you to progress. The first three levels are done with two instructors and are fairly straightforward. Levels 4 to7 are done with a single instructor and involve turning, tracking, backloops etc. I found level 5 difficult and had to re jump it 4 times at £100 a pop.

    I took 11 jumps to qualify.

    Have a look on youtube. Just type in AFF level 1-7. It will give you some idea of what sort of standard you will need to reach.

    Take out the insurance. :D Blue skies.
  11. I guested on displays in the late '60's with the team. Alec B was the coach.

    Not the definitive answer, but in those days, display teams took their lead from 'The Golden Knights' (American Army) and for some inexplicable reason a 'colour' seemed to feature in the title. The Red Devils had a 'Gold team' and a 'Black team' to cover their numerous demos. The Freds spent their pre demo / competition season with the Knights in Ft. Bragg.

    Between the Red Devils, SAS and RAF PJI's they formed the National Squad.

    The RCT has (had?) a team - The Silver Stars
    The L.I. has (had?) a team - The Flying Bugles ( The Tumbling Trumpets :D )

    Hope that helps.
  12. No Woofer i am doing the RAPS solo freefall course. AFF is far too expensive. The RAPS course starts off with Static line jumps and then progresses onto your first solo freefall once you have demonstrated all the skills required.

    I cant do Netheravon its too far away. I have booked at the Black Knights Parachute Centre in Cockerham....thats why i assumed it was affiliated with 'The Black Knights Display Team'

    Woofer......only 11 jumps to qualify fully in solo freefall enabling you to jump anywhere?

    Cheers for that Alex_Lomas i will see if i can bump into a Alec B and get me some discount :)

    edited for grade 'A' mongness
  13. 11 Jumps to qualify/graduate AFF I then had to do 10 consolidation jumps and a hop and pop. I am now working towards my 'A' licence.

    Good luck.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Blue skies, soft landings
  14. what was the consensus on INSURANCE people? bearing in mind i am a cheap arrse
  15. Third party covers, let's say, damage done to someone else if you stoof in & break them.

    The other cover is likely to cover loss of earnings/consultant's fees/physio costs if you stoof in & hurt yourself. Read the policy carefully!

    Please note I am not an IFA so this does not constitute financial advice. I've just been sorting out the insurance for a Rugby Sevens tournament so I've been looking at it carefully...

    Blue Skies & Happy Landings!