Black is "out" of US fashion

got to see the new US camo combats modelled the other day... Very swish... This new design is replacing both the forest and desert designs..Instead of bold jigsaw patterns there are muted shades in one centimetre segments...and no Black.. its been eliminated from the ' palette ' as it too easily catches the eye..

CF forces have black in our cadpat pattern.... and we just got the new stuff over the past two years.. does that mean we got to dump it all again?...

someone is making money on all this..
Corporal said:

Is it just me, or is he standing out against the treeline like piles on a lap-dancers hoop? 8O
nice beret
They need to sort out that fcuking beret next.
They must have taken inspiration from Lost in Space, Space 1999, Blakes 7, Red Dwarf ????????????????


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Give him a break. The poor boy is probably embarrased to fcuk to be made to have his photo taken in that getup, and published on the web :twisted:
Corporal said:

Feckin p!ssing meself with all of the comments above. Good work chaps! :lol: :lol:

Corpse, looking at all the crap stuck on this goons 'gay pyjamas', one would think he was a Test pilot/SF/Paratrooper/EOD/Spec Ops sneaky beaky combat god. Tell us what his real function is?

Looking at his chad valley badges, I would say the top says he's passed his APWT, the one below looks like its a 'I travelled in the back of a helicopter' and the bottom one looks like half a can opener.
F*ck if I know, Flash. Marines don't wear half that much crap on our Dress Blues, let alone utilities.

I think he might be a helo pilot, he looks faggy enough.

Top patch looks like CIB, next might be Jump Wings.
Sleeper_service said:
Corporal said:

Is it just me, or is he standing out against the treeline like piles on a lap-dancers hoop? 8O
He does look somewhat conspicuous in that get-up in that setting.

I wonder if that pattern was intended for what they call "MOUT" operations? "Military operations on urban terrain" or something like that.
Greet Gad Awmighty..!!

I just realised where I'd seen that outfit before.. 70's Brit TV!!.. Not Space 1999,[ the poor man's Star Trek with ex-pat Americans and a Canajan subbing for a Brit but the other one].. some crap Sci-fi show with rockets on strings against black velvet.. think it " starred " that world renowned actor, Ed Bishop or something or other...
didn't all the jobbo's who got slotted before the opening credits get to wear something like that?...

Guess the ultimate test of its camo effectiveness would be to dress Rumsfeld up in it and have him take a ' tour' of Baghdad see if anybody ' spots' him...

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