Black iron frying pan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Get one of these:

    Sunnex Black iron frying pan. 'king awesome. Best frying pan I've ever used. You need to "season " it with oil and salt from new but it is superb. Bet you never thought a frying pan would be worth mentioning.

    £12 for the 10" one so it won't break the bank. Suitable for home or field kitchen but not a back packing/ webbing item. Other sizes available.

    No connection with the seller, just a top quality item.
  2. Super frying pan but weighs the same as a Chally engine deck
  3. Where did you get yours from? No 10" on Google - not something you want to type in :)
  4. Ahhh but if its wedged in the back of a Rover on your travels for the purposes of a nice fry up then its practical enough.
    Don't want to be carrying one when you're on foot but otherwise a nice piece of kit.
  5. looks impressive - bet it can double as Osprey plate in an emergency ! :lol:
    Btw - anyone had much luck with the diesel stoves ? All we seem able to do is generate a smoke screen and turn into a lump of carbon. Ended up getting an MSR multi fuel on the grounds one can always blag petrol or kero.
  6. Not used the type you mean but odds are you didn't get it preheated properly.
  7. What they neglected to include in the ad was: Weight 40 lbs!

  8. I have a black cast iron one that belonged to my Gran many moons ago.
    You need forearms like Popeyes after a marathon w@nk just to lift it!!
  9. @ ex-stab No 12 stove I think they call it. Single burner jobby with wind flaps.
    We got given alcohol gel to get it going but the office junior regularly sets fire to himself trying to get it lit, hence the move to something a little more reliable.
  10. Actual weight 1200grams, just over 2 1/2lbs. Anyone who can't lift that needs to man up. As stated, not for carrying on your back... :roll:
  11. Problems with these if you're in the field:

    • Too heavy
    • Too dirty (you can't wash it if you want it to retain the extra-special qualities of seasoned high-quality cookware)
    • Too dirty (gets foul regardless - bit of oil+bit of grit and dust=shite and eggs)
    • A pain in the arrse.

    Great at home, though, and properly salted will give you years of service before you get tired of looking after the bugger.

    Resolution: Buy a cheap aluminium non-stick fellow every so often. Once every longish stretch in the field if you have a spare fiver. You'll be happier, believe me, and the perceived superiority in eggs (fried) you’ve been labouring under will soon quietly vanish. In fact, you'll be better off getting a small milk-pan, which does fried eggs far more evenly and does everything else too. Catch yourself on, Marco.