Discussion in 'RAC' started by WakeyWarrior, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. I know theres some of you out there but lets see who?
    Any Black Hussar Rugby players please make yourselves known, and lets have a natter.

  2. do the RAC do sports? thought it was just us Corps chaps?
  3. MB

    Bringing up the past!!

    well GP/porky has been here
    I am around now and then,

    best mem when we all got arrested after playing the BW in Hemer - after we all mooned the gate guard on our way out of camp.

    RSM waiting for us on arrival back in Paders - lots of s**t followed. I think we nearly got shut down for a while good old days.

    :santa: :santa: :santa:
  4. I never played but was and am a keen supporter. Anyone still got a BH shirt? What about a pint or two at the Army/ Navy?
  6. WW

    Look what I found in the deepest darkest depths of the cellar :oops: :oops:

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  7. I`ve got the same one Wolfenbuttel RAC cup game think it may have been 13/18th I`ve a few action ones as well as I`ve now worked out how to get a link for photos you can expect more.


    Kiddnapping that coluored lad after playing 17/21Lat Munster? stripping him to his boxers on the bus and dropping him a couple of miles from camp. He simply got off the bus and started jogging back to camp as though nothing was wrong. What a star.

    By the way taches are so out now.

  8. Wakeywarrior - I remember that trip well. The medics hard a plastic d*ck used for the d*ck of the match to drink his pint, i think we managed to borrow it. I also remember depth charging several roadside marker posts with the fire extinguishers we also liberated from the fire picquet trolly.

    One of my fellow REME punters, a Welsh man was so drunk that he wandered into the wards trying to find the NAAFI scoff machines. When he realised where he was he decided to play doctors and do the rounds chatting to the patients and checking their boards while totally sh1tfaced. Classic rugby club stuff, however i seem to remember that he was thrown out for that one, or at least it helped him on his way out along with several other cases that were also considered.

    Happy Days!!! I've still got my Black Hussars wooly jumper and tie, although the jumper does not fit anymore.
  9. I`ve still got my original RED one from Paderborn.

    Like yourself IT DOESN`T FIT.
  10. Any photos of 13th/18th anywhere? 1970/1976