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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bossdog, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. I found this rather amusing. It's not only squaddies with a black sense of humour. Anyone got any stories to match? :D

    Paramedic in dying man prawn joke

    ....."Darren Claydon, an emergency care practitioner, was first on the scene, followed by Mr Greedy and Mr Jones, an ambulance technician.

    Mr Claydon told a hearing in London on Monday: "My attention was called to Clive Greedy, by him saying, 'Nice celery'.

    "He was holding a piece of celery, with bite marks, and a piece missing from it.

    "It appeared to me he had been eating the celery. I saw him chewing."

    Mr Greedy, who was working for the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service at the time, is not present at the hearing and is not represented, but denies the allegations.
    I said 'How can you behave like this, what if the wife comes in?' Darren Claydon

    Mr Claydon said the incidents happened as the medical team were giving shocks in an attempt at resuscitation.

    "John Jones took my attention away from the monitor by jesting with a prawn that he had taken from a sink, in a colander, and said 'Does anybody want a prawn?' and held it out and gestured with it."

    Mr Claydon turned back to the monitor, then became aware that a prawn was on the chin of the patient.

    He said: "There were prawns only in a colander in the sink in that kitchen, and the last place I saw the prawn was in Mr Jones's hand.

    "As I looked down and noticed this prawn he said: 'Let's see if we can cook a prawn'.

    "At this point I felt it acceptable to deliver the shock, the shock was delivered and the prawn was removed.

    "I said: 'What are you playing at?"'

    Later as their efforts to revive the patient continued, he became aware of Mr Greedy and the celery, he said.

    Asked how he had felt about the incident, he said: "Disbelief, and feeling very uncomfortable about the situation. I said 'How can you behave like this, what if the wife comes in?'."

    Mr Claydon said he later reported the incident.

    He did not think the team could have done any more for the patient clinically than they did, but he had felt that the actions he reported were morally and ethically wrong.
  2. Cold... But bloody funny... :D
  3. This is the heartless barstard:

    Get the outrage bus started Jeeves, we'll tar and feather the fat twat!
  4. Condolences etc etc

    But did the prawn get cooked or not?
  5. If they had put the prawns between the paddles of the defrib,and 'shocked' them.Would that have cooked them?