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Discussion in 'RAC' started by doin-nothin, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. :twisted: anyone out there still on this mortal coil. detmold 83-88
  2. Hiya

    I joined B Sqn in 85 when I got promoted Sgt and was with Foz Taylor and Rick Fisher.
  3. sgt ? was in 4th troop with v rose at the time. spent most of my detmold years in that troop apart from 2 months loading for barney v. how is rick havn't seen or heard of him for many years.say again over.............
  4. I hope you have recovered do you remember Henry Wilk.s ?
  5. henry what a star.last saw him at gaz h*lmes 40th birthday bash at a pub out in the sticks.doing something with lorries I think.No idea where or what he's doin now. Was married to whatsherface at detmold.Always felt sorry for D**ly havin to share a room with him though....
  6. Has pete w**d found this page yet???he thought I was the best soldier to draw breath since monty!!!
    he was always falling over and breaking something,seem to recall.
  7. Detmold till 89 fun place it was Tommy Hannon and D Sqn
  8. one of the best things about detmold was BFT's gyrosmitpommesmitmayo
    bitte.then a pizza margheritta (salami)for pudding.mmmmmmm turn me into a fat god like you!!! wasn't the same when I went back to detmold in 91/92 before amalgamation he'd moved to a posh place.much better beneath the arches.key seperrabbit. :D
  9. Ahhhhhhhh FB's or Sammys,which ever way you say his Glorious name.

    The one and only Giros establishment worth visiting on the planet.How i miss watching the artist himself sweat tears to make sure we were well fed.
  10. is that the pizza place down beside the railway sidings that was always crowded on loading up nights prior to going to Hohne?

    Spotty dog!!
  11. I reckont thats the man we all mean,As doin nothin,BAOR's finest says,he did move due to the road being widened from under the rail way bridge. :hungry:

    Everyone thought the bloke was dead,he wasn't in very good shape bless him.He thought the world of Hector though,kept saying he could do with some meat on his bones. :D :D :D :D :D

    He married a nice looking frauline though,she new how to handle a Bratty.
    Best giros in the world,helped you with a nice healthy YYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA next day.