Black helmet band thingies


something has been bothering me for a while now... what are those black rubber bands on the bottom of helmets i keep seeing? In particular airborne dudes. How do you do it/whats it made from?

I want one!

Inner tubes cut into strips mate , 4 tonne ones
Well ive got inner tube donning my helmet and it looks well nails so there :D
balloonknot said:
Cheers for the speedy replies dudes! I too want to look ally/nails.

Best start look for some old NBC boots
Inner tubes :D
I stapled an old "Old Orleans" balloon to mine, unfortunately bright yellow isn't popular military fashion this year so it had to be removed sharpish.
Its actually made from Liquorice strips, a little known fact,but i suppose seeing ive written it on arrse, now common knowledge.
blobmeister said:
Scarletto, I have heard that as well, part of your E&E kit I believe?
Quite correct Blob, as the fact that Liquorice is good for providing a quick burst of energy or at least keeping you regular? Strange but lets face it,looking at some helmets, some troops cant wait to eat the stuff.
blobmeister said:
Is that the first time you have eaten helmet Scarletto? I bet it isn't!
ummm depends if its a Friday :D
Palmolive gloves - fingers left in is optional
Taffnp said:
Palmolive gloves - fingers left in is optional
Make sure it's a pink one for the full rooster-alike effect.

Unit SOP's for RAF Force Protection, I believe.

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