Black Hawks over London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cheesypoptart, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. As I crossed Waterloo Bridge mid-afternoon, I saw a Blackhawk fly in from the NW over Westminster, then do a 360 just south of the Eye, then fly off to the east down the Thames. Last I saw it, it was heading West again further south. Anyone have any idea what a US BH - the fancy version with a refueling probe - would be doing here?
  2. The heli lanes. Tourism for aviators - or a chance to fry students with poor map reading skills.
  3. The Revolution has begun :twisted:

  4. Blackhawks are not uncommon over central London, I saw one take off from Chelsea barracks a few years ago
  5. Thats nothing we've had Apache's flying through our valley here in North Wales for two days running. One even fired a shamoolie.
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    Blackhawks and Chinooks are always flying over London. Occasionaly you may see some Lynx, and the other week I am sure I saw a Puma flying above the Thames.
  7. Best I saw were a brace of Mil-24 HIND-D "escorted" by a Sea King back in the '90s. Turns out they were Czech and on the way to RIAT. Gave me a turn i) that they were "here" and ii) that some-one thought a 1969-vintage Sea King was up to the task of pacing them!
  8. Lets hope its the start of a coup.....
  9. A couple of months ago I saw a Blackhawk come in from the north, hover above a reservoir in Enfield for several minutes, then fly off south towards the City. Couldn't see any markings, but it had a refuelling probe.
  10. Refueling from the Stealth air tanker over the reservoir, bloody show-offs they are.
  11. Holding in the Lea Valley awaiting permission to cross London City airport...
  12. five HH60Gs are stationed at Lakenheath
  13. Perhaps the yanks have gained a sense of humour, or are they just rubbing our noses in it?
  14. :thumleft: