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Black Friday Trickery.

I got a eufy 11s 2 years back. Great bit of kit.

In fairness he did say it was for a female relative
Awaiting flood of 'old' buttons:
My old mum has finally admitted to me that the battery powered vacuum cleaner that I bought her six months ago is crap.

It’s a Morphy Richards and therefore theoretically is a good make, but she insists that it doesn’t pick up what it should,and she wastes precious energy pushing it back and forth.

My response was simple, take it back to Asda, get a refund and buy a Dyson. Many years ago I borrowed a Dyson to clean new carpets in a new house. I pushed it once across the carpet and it left a miraculously clean strip (having sucked up all the loose fibres) and I decided there and then ‘we need one of those’. For the next thirty years we used nothing else. They obviously died and were eventually replaced, but I never regretted buying one.

Anyway, having taken my mother’s cruel ingratitude on the chin, I started googling for the best price of a battery-powered Dyson. This being Black Power Friday Week/Month/Year I thought we might pick up a deal so I started with the Dyson website....underneath the ‘BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!!!!!’ banners was one corded vacuum and a couple of table lamps, and that was it.

Next stop Curry’s/ PC World/ Dixon’s/ The British Union of Fascists and WTF else they call themselves this week.

Again Black Friday this, and Black Friday that. Excellent we thought (me, with mum sat on my shoulder, having apparently never seen the internet before). We scanned the list of Black Friday deals and settled on the V7 Animal Extra. Normally. £299 but (insert fanfare here), down to £199 because of (you’ve guessed it) Black Friday.

So, we look at the details and it’s Click and Collect (fair enough) with a promise in the small print to get one sent to your local store ASAP if it’s out of stock.

So we try and order. Can’t deliver (fine), so we opt for collection. Message pops up ‘out of stock’ in that store, try nearby stores’. Okaaay, we tried that and it was apparently out of stock in the closest 9 stores. We then extended the search radius four times until we hit the maximum of the closest 36 stores and it was out of stock in all of them. Despite the small print clearly stating that if an item is out of stock in your local store they will get you one within days, there is no provision for requesting this when you order.

We then tried Argos. Exactly the same deal and out of stock in all stores within a fifty mile radius.

I call bullshit on Black Friday and have come to the conclusion that these deals simply don’t exist. They are banner headline deals that look great in the adverts, but in reality the retailers have no intention of ever selling the items at the Black Friday prices and use the ‘out of stock’ excuse as a reason to avoid selling the stuff.

V7 is Ok, but V11 is where it’s at. Significantly better suction and battery performance. It also has a battery/power setting display on it, so you know how long you’ve got/what power it’s using.

I completely agree though, using a Dyson for the first time was a complete revelation. First one was a DC01, 20-25 years ago. It lifted the carpet off the underlay and sucked up so much crap that we had to empty it a couple times in one room. As you say, absolute no-brainer.

Not to piss you off or anything, but.. :)

Last year the V11 came out. Wife wanted one, I get my toys for the workshop/garage, so OK, no bother. V11 delivered. Anyhow, we go in Lowe’s (B&Q type place) and they have V7s for $149, early November. Not even Black Friday. Fcuk yeah, we’ll have 4 of them and there’s some Christmas presents. I get 10% off at Lowe’s too for drinking beer in Germany a while back. Go to the checkout, and it seems they’ve been priced wrongly. ”You can have one at that price”. OK.

Wife goes back in Lowe’s the following day for something else and they’re still advertised at $149. She picks up three more and goes to check out. “Fcuk off, we told you yesterday”. I’m paraphrasing, but the duty manager was a total dick to her, despite it being their error. She comes home absolutely fuming and calls their HQ, raising Cain. Upshot was that shit rolls downhill and the store manager called me (not her) and asked me to come in and sort it. So I did.

He’s profusely apologetic, his duty manager had had a bad day, and can I give you a V7 for nothing? Oh alright then.. So we have two V7s that we paid a grand total of $135 for. $67.50 each. And a V11, but that was more expensive :)
I have a Henry (well, actually, to be technically correct I think it’s a Numatic Trade versi9n, from before the stupid EU rule on power ratings) for proper cleaning

But I got a v8 from the dyson refurb store for about £220 a few months ago for around the house/office and cleaning inside the car, and I have to admit it’s perfect for that, picks up everything I need it to

Regards Black Friday - I had been about to order a new M1 MacBook Air anyway, so the £100 off i ended up with is a bargain and unmatched anywhere.
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I got a eufy 11s 2 years back. Great bit of kit.

How does it do on the stairs?
Can I join the Mumsnet vacuum review ....

We use a Miele Dog and Cat cylinder vacuum and it’s excellent.

As an aside, do any of you have problems with your ‘DH’s’ leaving the toilet seat up ?
Crumbs or food on the floor. Get a Bull Mastiff.

Anything else is the wife's problem. Dyson, Hoover, G tec, Henry.. Whatever. Don't care, don't use it.
Are you per chance referring to that device that wakes me up on the sabbath of all days and has a hosey type attachment on it.
I personally think of it as an alarm call as "RM it's time for a nice walk down the river" it is very similar to that old fifties telly that resides in the kitchen, just one boring program every time with clothing and bedding spinning around. If I wanted repeats I may pay my TV licence!
I always suspect that a big discount is artificial. I know that the law requires an item to have been at a higher price, but I had no idea it could be at that price for as short as 14 days. Halfords are always doing this. It’s difficult to actually buy a bicycle at full price, everything seems to be massively discounted.

Personally I think that an item should be at the higher price for about three months, otherwise it’s all one big con trick.
Go to Mountain Warehouse any day of the week and about half their stock is discounted. Does any one pay full price ? It all seems to be a big con to me.
I call bullshit on Black Friday and have come to the conclusion that these deals simply don’t exist. They are banner headline deals that look great in the adverts, but in reality the retailers have no intention of ever selling the items at the Black Friday prices and use the ‘out of stock’ excuse as a reason to avoid selling the stuff.
Thats exactly it - they have 3 or 4 of these super brilliant deal items - strictly 1st come 1st served basis - hence the queues and scrabble to get inside (as well as associated thuggery)

Of course people are in and on a grab a bargain frenzy with a huge crowd and before you is 99% of the black friday stock - Things like Oshibat TVs and 8tendo game boys etc - shit that they wouldnt normally sell large amounts of but now instead of being 100 quid its 15 for the 1st 10 and 80 quid after that and the punters are scrabbling to grab a deal and havent th time to really consider if this is a good buy or some dodgy low quality chinese tat.

Black friday has nothing to do with the black power / history / shops bollocks - its a Yank import and one hat should be hoofed
Seen very few vacuum cleaners in tropical countries. They have ants. Traditional houses in Thailand are on stilts and have slatted bamboo floors so the shit drops through.
From rip off Britain to which hoover is best to freezing your balls off in Britain because you’ve built a house on stilts with gaps in the floor to save on buying a Hoover.

The miracle that is Arrse.

Back on task, I get a discount through work on loads of shops. It’s a neat little freebie and has saved me loads over the years. The downside is this often involves getting vouchers. Buy £100 worth of vouchers, pay £90 etc.

Try cashing those in on an on line sale on Black Friday at your peril. The checkout will be overloaded and hang. Eventually you’ll get a message saying try later. So you do. Enter the serial number and PIN for the voucher again and get told it’s already been used.....

I was wary so it was “only” a £10 voucher, I deliberately used the lowest denomination one as a bench test. I now face the prospect of a circular argument between the voucher issuing company, the retailer in question which I won’t name but we’ll call them Curry’s to avoid confusion, and me. They will blame each other and I will know various cheesy tunes intimately after listening to them on hold for 3 days. I’m really tempted to just chin it off and save myself the grief but then some bastard has my money for no return and that grips me.


Lo, another huge raft of crap emails this morning trying to push all sorts of useless things. Again.

Titles have been changed from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. That's it.

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