Black Forest ham and other Lidl bargains.

Sainsburys 25% off wine starts tomorrow until 2nd November.

Same offer at ASDA today until Wednesday 3rd November.

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I first started drinking this in Austria. It's from Abruzzo, central Italy. It's a bit full bodied for many Italians but the Austrians like it. It quickly became my favourite evening 'session wine':oops::oops::drunken:.

Imagine my delight when I found it in Lidl, and a good one at that. It gradually went up in price and was rarely in stock. Now it turns up every few months as Wine of the Week.

So I only stock up 6 boxes:woot:

£2.99 per bottle.




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Wine is a fruit based drink for ladies!
Offer available in England only, Boo Hiss Racism Well I can jump on the Red wine woke wagon as well even though it's Nippy's fault


Found a bit of a bargain, well I think so anyway, in B&M today, a wee aluminium torch - one of those ones that take 3 times AAA batteries in a holder, which is so far, so standard, but this one has a COB LED array, which is bright as a bright thing, and was only three quid including batteries. I've got a few of those nine-LED standard torches as they cost about a quid or so out of various shops, and this thing blows them into a cocked hat.

The only bargains I got at Lidl last night were a couple of bottles of filtered semi-skimmed milk, for about a pound twenty each.
Aldi is now the best shop for reductions, about 7 pm they get the 75% off stickers out and hardly anyone in my local one at that time so no need to punch anyone in the kidneys to get to the bargains.

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