Black Economy and LSSA

Here's a question for you all -

I was serving in Germany and posted to another unit on the same garrison.

but then - page 2 of the posting order said I was detatched to Blandford for 2 years!! Some black economy post.

I was moved back to blandford with wife, kids and all but was still on 16 Sigs books with everything from Manning and Records being sent via 16 Sigs. This was mad as I was applying to do my Sgt's Course and a supervisor board with everything going from Blandford - Germany - Blandford!!

Both 16 Sigs and Blandford say that I was entitled to nothing even though I spent 2 years away from my parent unit!!

Is this right as it has come up again in conversation and apparently someone else was in the same boat and got residual LOA/LSSA!

Was I just fobbed off by both RAO's??
Smoking bloke - this is utterly wrong. End of story. You are either TOS by 16 Sigs (and therefore you get LSSA etc when you're in Blandford) or you're TOS Blandford, in which case you're right - you get sod all. Did you get Disturbance Allowance for your move?

Even if you were, for some odd reason, sent away from 16 Sigs on some black economy posting, but were still 'adminned' by 16 Sigs, you would be entitled to GYH(D) at the very least. I'll bow to superior knowledge - Soldier_Why - any clues?

As with all allowances etc, this will get complicated very quickly, but you've been seen off IMHO. This sh!t really grips me.

If you like, PM me the details (dates, units etc) and the key bits of your PO - and I'll get an answer back asap.
Darth is quite correct I look after 120+ Black Economy posts and dependant on their circumstances they all get LSSA or GYH. We also have the original authority. Go back to your RAO and ask them to check with the CoC.


Darth_Doctrinus said:
Soldier_Why - any clues?
Simple answer is that he is detached from his PARENT unit in Germany and should therefore receive the same allowances as anyone else based in Germany. The rules are quite simple and there is no distinction between someone detached for one month and someone detached for 24 months.

Kick up a stink!
Great thanks for your replies.

I wasn't sure if I was entitled to anything as the whole family
moved back with me, and so actually had no reason to go
back to Germany it was just my admin was being done
through them.

As I said to Darth_Doctrinus in a pm, there is more than likely
some time barr. And now will be a case of put up shut up etc.

If when someone doesn't know or aren't sure they find out the answer
rather than trying to fob you off. But that would probably be in the real

We shall see how we go, it is a lesson learnt and one that can be passed
onto others......that sounds a bit profound.

Thanks again
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