Black culture amongst the youth.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Throbbing_Gurth, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. So basically this cancer of the times seems to be spreading fast. What I mean is most teens these days are basically a black man in white skin, the clothes, the lingo, the attitude. I'v even heard white boys talking with a jamican twang and using patois, Do they honestly go home and talk in front of there mother like this? And in the future are we going to have a generation of white o.a.p's touching fists when they meet and saying "Wha gwarn blud"?

  2. Another cancer: the type of people who start sentences with 'so', and 'basically'.
  3. They're called chavs. Or is that being a racist.
  4. Oooh get you Grapevine.

    Go run and jump.
  5. you only just noticed?
    ffs man this 'news' is almost 20 years old now, and to be honest the chav twats who emulate the 'gangster culture' are just pathetic sad no-mark retard wiggas anyway.

    it all boils down to the fact the white wimmin like big black cock, penis envy innit? honky.
  6. I think it's stupid too. White boys aping black culture is laughably funny. Fortunately they grow out of it for the most part; especially when they realize it is a handicap in the work-a-day world.
  7. Im not saying its a new thing, just rare to find a non wigga these days. You may of touched on something there with penis thing though, maybe there not adequately filling there pants.
  8. You'd be surprised, especially in london.
  9. How often do you hang around with kids? Are you a Cadet AI?
  10. mybe down on the council estates mate, but not around most parts where folk can talk o-rite..............
  11. Dont be ridiculous.
  12. So where do you go to mix with so many teens then?
  13. People who start sentences with "I mean..." when they've said nothing - or at least nothing that needs explaining really annoy me.
    As do TV shows - usually documentaries - that, after an advert break, spend the first five minutes précising the previous segment. Do they think we all have the attention span of a flea and the memory of primordial slime?
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the BNP website is over *there* btw TG.
  15. You dont have to mix with them to notice this you turd breath.