Black CS95 Kit

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Is there any such thing as this ?

    Black Combat 95 Kit ? Need help with NSN's
  2. 'The future belongs to me....'
  3. I just pissed myself! The ICT teachers are giving me funny looks too!
  4. You can get CS95 in black just ask any MGS dog handler
  5. Yeah, you get them issued to you when you go to the black helicopter hangar....
  6. Black is like soooo yesterday dude...What about pink? You don't need to conform....... be an individual man!!!!
  7. Need the NSN's for them if possible, SCOC is a pain in the butt trying to locate them.
  8. Why? Do you think they'll make you look slimmer?
  9. I've seen CS95 jackets in Dayglo orange!
  10. Soldier of Fortune do Black Cs 95 trousers for £20 and black web tex sas smock for £50

    God i'm a spotter Need to get out more
  11. Are they for a embassy job? Admit you've got a seventies porn star tash and you go by the name dinger.
  12. Yes, they do exist, some Sigs units have them and others as well.... there is an NSN out there.... look and find!
  13. Dylon. Sorted.
  14. go and do selection bet they will give you some 'blacks ops' gear, you could always try dyeing one black ?
  15. I've got some black socks if you want them- SAS issue, £50