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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rfn_Warrior, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Enrolling in a Pre-Uniform Services College Course and the uniform is black combats, but we have to buy our own. Anyone know any places to get them cheap? I've found a CS95 version, but £30? No thanks!
  2. Next door to the boathouse.
  3. Soldier of Fortune. Or Niton

    What exactly is a "Pre-Uniform Services College Course"?
  4. Cadets.

    Or I might have seen these blokes a while ago being beasted by fat civvies who, when they saw me grinning, told me I could have a go if I was not careful.

    I carried on grinning.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    BTEC in public services course? Supposedly prepares you for the public & uniformed services. Just a normal college course when i did it...
  6. The uniform used to be CS95 trousers, working belt and the College t-shirt coloured to the level you're on.
    Its changed this year though because they're saying its not the Army so we shouldn't be allowed to wear dpm, which is rightly so. The course gives you insights to all 3 Armed Forces and into Civil Services like the Police and Fire Service.
  7. Do you not feel a right tit wearing this paramilitary type of gear?
  8. Have you tried the shoppers favourite? Ebay . . .
    Or look around the local weekend markets, the one near me (Cardiff) sells them on a Sunday.
  9. Hardware shop - Black dye - Take your pick of clothing to be dyed - sorted!
  10. Its a uniform...
  11. Anyone who wares combats of any shape form or pattern when either NOT on ops or NOT doing some s#it jobs in the garden needs to be dragged out of their shit pit at 3 am and have their lazy fat retarded ugly civvy face slapped repeatedly with the force of a thousand jeddi knights, Its NOT big and ITS not clever so stop!!! :evil:
  12. Having said that my nephew is doing the same course and hes a great lad so... :wink:
  13. Why do you need to wear a paramilitary uniform for a civvy college course?

    You must look like a tit. Do you not feel like one?

    More pertinently, what is the point of this course when all the services provide all the training you need? Do you wear cam cream on the bus to college too, have a big knife tucked into your belt and get to pull war faces?
  14. Ask them, they set the uniform, we just abide by it.

    Its not training you for the services, it gives you an insight to them so if you did ever want to go into one of them, you can choose which is best suited to you and how to go about applying for them.