Black China Labs supplements. Is it Legal in the Army?

This morning I have taken receipt of a load of products from Black China Labs, my bloke has bought these whilst he's away and has sent them home for use when he gets back.

However they say stuff like "anabol" and "stacker" on them, I know nothing of body building type stuff but I have heard these terms before in reference to illegal steroids and amphetamines. I really don't like the sound of these supplements. He isn't back for sometime so there is no immediate worry but I don't want him to take these and get kicked out off the back of a CDT, he's already really well muscled and fit so I really don't know why he has bought them, but each to there own I suppose. Anyway I have done a google and all I can find is body building websites that tell me nothing about the legality of this products.

Would really appreciate any knowledge on this.

Thanks in advance.
Nah, don't worry about it. It's just smart marketing terms to make people THINK they are getting the same effects as AAS and pro-hormones. He will be fine with them but I dont know why he has decided upon using such a crap brand of supplements. You could send them back for him and get him some better supplement from Myprotein though? :elephant:

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