"Black Box" recorders for cars.

Of interest to anyone living in places where the locals seem to be auditioning for the R Sigs "White Helmets" on a daily basis:

Roadhawk UK Home page - RoadHawk Driver Safety Camera

I paid GBP196 (no VAT) plus GBP 20-ish customs/Vat upon receipt (SE Asia)

Cheaper versions were available but I found this to be the best/what I was looking for.

Edit: The manufacturer has confirmed that the software that comes with the camera is compatible with 13" screens & therefore cannot be used on a netbook (on 10" screens the buttons are below the field of view).
Our fleet of logging trucks has just been fitted with something similar. Once you get used to the idea of a camera staring at you as well as over the bonnet they're fine. They also cut down on insurance premiums because they prove liability.

We can activate them ourselves if we feel the need or they get set off by violent braking/shaking/cornering etc, the logging tracks set them off all the time but the footage is viewed by a seperate company (in the USA) they filter the dross and anything that warrants management attention gets e-mailed back over here.

Watched the footage of one of our trucks who's brakes failed and went roaring off a mountain at 80kph the other day, the cameras also capture sound, what speed you're doing etc. The driver was being very vocal, well, right up to the point were he landed.
Would it be able to detect my 6G inverted handbrake turn parking manouvre?
Judging by the data collected by the one fitted to my oldest lad's car (which shaves £££ off his 18yr-old driver's insurance: Cooperative insurance if you're interested), it most definitely would.


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Anyone got one of these? More importantly, has anyone's premium's gone UP instead of down?

I assume that most of us that cruise along merrily at 90 mph keeping ourselves out of trouble will be adversely affected by one of these jobbies.
I've got one of these fitted to my car, It saved me £££'s on my premium. I drive sensibly but never keep to a speed limit to be honest. My premiums have only ever been reduced, not increased..
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