Black Book, a must see film!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Croque_Monsieur, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. I strongly recommend all you boys and girls to get your arrses down to the local cinema to see this flick. There hasn't been a good WWII film for a while, but this is it, finally Paul Verhoeven has finally done a fine job of it. :party:

    In addition, you will see Mrs C_M (Potential) as a Boxy's wife (if you can get you eyes off the main gals tits in the after-party scene, she is on the right) and if you are very careful, you could see me walting it up as an a)SS waiter, b) Dutch resistance and c) Canadian squaddie (God that wool uniform was itchy :mad: ).
  2. I read reviews of this and quite fancy it
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sofie (Sophie) Scholl is another. A german film about some college students who resisted the Nazis with passive resistance - the White Rose Organisation - and were executed for their troubles. An incredible story - look it up on Wiki.

    Wiki entry

    Edited to add wiki entry.
  4. Boxhead students getting slotted sounds fun :thumright: The nazi war machine brought to a stand still by some dippy proto hippy chic.
    Oh wait it wasen't :mrgreen: sounds like chic flick hell
  5. I watched part of the trailer but I think it seemed to be a precis of the whole film so I cut it short. WWII resistance/spy type film is all you need to know. As trailers go it seemed more like a "spoiler". Looks OK. Where was it filmed, Shepperton or the other place?
  6. It was areas outside were filmed in and around the Hague, there's a big party scene that was filmed in a museum in Amsterdam and some big studio in Germany was used for the inside/office bits.

    The trailer makes you think that you have the entire plot but you never know who is responsible for a lot of the stuff until the very end!
  7. As stated, a large chunk of the city scenes were filmed in The Hague, in fact approx. 3mins walk from my office. Much of the centre was bedecked with huge swastikas and littered with SS walts, caused quite a commotion but was well handled here.

    Sebastian Koch (SS love interest) is a great German actor, although I felt his role here was not the best. If you can get a copy of the TV Movie Stauffenberg (in German) he is at his best. Also not to be missed in the film that won this years Best Foreign Film Oscar, the Stasi?East German masterpiece "Das Leben Der Anderen" ("The Lives Of Others"):