Black Barbour m/c trousers 42 or 44 waist wanted PLEASE

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by dogs_bollox, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Looking for a pair of the Barbour International wax motorcycle trousers in a big size. Good money for a good pair !

    I've got the green ones but want black to go with the jacket (I'm a m/c fashion victim ! )


  2. 42 or 44 waist ? ! holy moses. when did you last do a bft ?
    when you say m/c.... do you mean mcdonalds supersize
  3. **** you, you gobby little 216/SAS gobshite tech ****; I have a 42" waist and can still knock out a sub (just) 10.30 mile & a half.

    Granted, I do feel like ******* dying afterwards....................
  4. Try; Contacting BARBOUR direct on 08456 53 20 53 or 01782 68 00 68 and quote MOD1011 for a 10% discount, or
  5. Thanks for the witty and helpful advice.

    where to start .......
    Barbour haven't made the trousers for some time and have no plans to make any more. The Army moving from Barbour to textile m/c suits some years ago seems to be the reason. I wasn't Int' Corps so have asked for help AFTER exhausting all other options rather than the reverse.

    As to being 'fat' - cheeky cnut !!!
    I'm 37" waist but have legs like fecking tree trunks.
    Barbour's sizing for the International was a 1950's fit so a 38" waist trousers stretches to a 38" waist max. Generally you need at least 2" more to go over your hips. So i need a 40" waist minimum in theory. My legs mean I need a size larger than that not only for fit but to get my short-arse legs over a high BMW F800GS. Barbour were designed to get a thin 1950's leg over a low Triumph.

    I have 42" trousers but in the Army green so either need a green jacket and sell my black jacket or get black trousers and sell off my green trousers. Capische ?

    And 216tech, I'm a vintage model and learned how to wear boots DMS and puttees when I joined. Let's see what a gobby young 'un like you will look like at 48 years young !

    And another thing ...... sort your ******* avatar out. Those who have earned the right to use it don't feel the need to use it. Contrary to what you might think ; pretending you have big balls doesn't give you big balls. ;-)
  6. If no joy on ARRSE try The Royal British Legion Riders website or the MT350 Forum website, lots of ex and serving on both sites who may be able to help.

    Also try the Field Texilies/Withams website they may have some lying around. (Or Sabre in Portsmouth or Silvermans).

    Barbour do sometimes have end of runs/slight damaged jackets at a discounted price at thier two locations. see the Barbour website, don't forget to quote the code for the forces discount.

    Recently Barbour/Bellstaff jackets were being sold discounted at TK Maxx.

    My Barbour jacket and trouser were the only bit of kit I regretted handing in.

    I trust this is helpful.
  7. Interesting leads there so thanks for those.

    Yep, tried Silvermans (that's where i ended up buying the jacket) and Sabre and plenty of other surplus stores including Field Textiles. Witham is one I hadn't thought of so will give them a buzz today. Thanks.

    Yep, like i said: I have tried Barbour both at their HQ / Customer Services and the Factory outlet shop but they have not many the trousers for years and have none of any size lingering anywhere.

    Yep, very . Thanks mucka :)