Black Baggers - 1 Year On

Discussion in 'Officers' started by CrapSpy, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. So, the end of our first anniversary has arrived.

    Still confident of defeating the Soviet hordes as they cross the inner-German border? Or has 1 year behind a desk taken its toll?
  2. During the year at big school I couldn't see the point of those exercises where we appeared to sit around for days on end doing very little except becoming frustrated and bored. Now I can see it was preparing us for our BB jobs very accurately!
  3. I see your point. My internet surfing skills improved dramatically on that exercise where we were crammed into a small room for 3 days, whilst the 5% actually did something 'constructive'.
  4. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    You lucky b'stards!

    I'm in my new BB job now, ao mail me on the work system to find out more...
  5. CGS

    As I embark upon my year in the Upper Sixth, at least I know that if it gets too bad I can think of you in that very office where I once worked, REALLY being beasted. Going well I trust, have you taken to wearing a watch yet???

  6. Ossie,

    As I embark on a new chapter of life, at least I know I can pop round yours when you're out......... :lol:

    You don't know the meaning of the word beasted....
  7. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    No, I'm not going to get into that particular bad habit!

    House sale goes through at the end of next month, so do give me a bell and arrange a visit with Mrs AY and the winks.

    PS who is your DS? Army?