Black Bag Contents

Does anyone know where on the Intranet I can find the current operation issue list with NSNs. I've already searched both ARRSE and the Intranet but to no avail.

Many Thanks
It really depends on what CAT you are. You will get more if CAT 3 than someone CAT 1. Also, if your told "you will get it out there", then dont believe them. You may get it weeks later but dont expect to get off the plane and have the friendly RQ waiting for you saying "those Oakley gloves you didnt get, here they are"!!
Also get the sizes right, go for slightly bigger in the trousers etc as the first wash will seriously shrink them and the sizes are not the same as UK temp PCS.
My Black Bag issue was more or less complete. Gucci gloves, proper PCS MK7 helmet cover and Blackhawk kneepads etc. But its how good your home Unit QM is in getting demands in early and getting it right. I was still getting bloody trousers 2 days before i deployed!
As for your original question, it was online somewhere but it changes that much its probably out of date.
I will be deploying as Cat 2+. Our stores gremlins are using an out of date list which doesn't have key items like the MTP patrol sack or niceties such as the new Molle belts or lightweight gortex jackets. Would be nice to have the kit before I deploy instead of begging and borrowing as usual on getting into theatre.
If you have access to DII you can find the list using the search function. H16 and H17 lists are on there at the moment as well as OPSREY and a lot of other lists for other Ops.

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