Blaandford future

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hmmm, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Anybody heard anything new about the future of DCCIS? Last I heard was that St Athan was scrapped, nothing else since then. Is it staying where it is, moving some place else, getting scrapped completely or shuffling along ad infinitum with it's finger inserted?

    I only ask cos I may end up having to return one day.
  2. DCCIS stays at Blandford for the immediate future but will become part of the Defence College of Technical Training (DCT) later this year when the 3 DTEs (DCAE, DCCIS and DCEME) come together under a single Commandant. I hear that, ultimately, business will move from Blandford to Lyneham when the Defence Technical Training Change Programme (DTTCP) delivers. (Plus ca change: for St Athan read Lyneham; for DTR read DTTCP; for DTC read DCTT......)
  3. Thanks Ned, is this a PPI like the Metrix thing or not?
  4. I don’t think so hmmm as I heard that PFIs were well and truly out of favour with HMG, so I can’t see us going down that route again. Other than that, I don’t have an “in” on how DTTCP intends to deliver training at Lyneham. Guess that we will just have to wait and see.
  5. Can't see the move making training for the Corps any more agile, and that's saying something. At least we'll be closer to the M4 and maybe the mess food will be better.
  6. Sooner we're out of the shit hole that is Blandford the better.

    Munch Me
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  7. Does the Mess still have porta cabina at the back ?
  8. Hopefully a massive nuclear strike twenty five minutes after the last squaddie out locks the front gate.
  9. Still did last time I was there at the back end of last year.
  10. Yes but they are only used for SCLM courses and other courses like BSM.
  11. Is it really that bad? I heard it was on the up at the moment which was kind of good news as I'm posted back there myself in a couple of months.

  12. It's ok as PS.
  13. There's only 2 things wrong with Blandford:
    1. Lack of pubs.
    2. Distance from the M4.
    I'd be happy to go back to the right job.
  14. I would rather nail my nob to a desk with a rusty nail than go back there. There are no proper road or rail links, a shitty overpriced town full of druggies, and until we get the right people instructing there the place has no wider Corps credibility.

    Munch Me
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  15. Are there still Falklands themed Portacabins on Drake Square?