Many moons ago, working at a BL dealer flogging such things, we had an old bat bring her Metro in for its first 500 mile service. When it was 5 years old. It was shagged. And she got multi-unhappy when told no, she can't have her service for free, cos it should have been done 45 months ago.

That Maestro would have had the electronic dashboard. A step too far into the future in 1984. Quickly replaced with a conventional dial dash. Horrid things.

I crashed a brand new one without being in it once. Scorching hot day, picking up a new one from the compound. Connected the battery, wound down the window, leaned in and cranked it over. Forgetting that new cars are stored with handbrake off and in 2nd gear. Being a diesel, it fired into life and had enough torque to take off down the compound. Only stopped by another one coming the other way. Well, parked against the fence actually, but it was a head-on. No injuries, as there were no drivers in the vehicles. How I never got sacked for that as an 18yr old NIG I have no idea.
My dad had one of those from new. I wrote it off for him.
Absolute piece of shit. I bought one of the MG versions once, drove it straight to the scrappy and only kept the alloys and front seats for a twin-cam Minor I had at the time.

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Had the use of a garage loaner Alegro for a bit while my Dolomite piece of shit was having it's clutch replaced. Ended up quite liking the Alegro for what it was.

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