Bl**dy airlines

Okay, general rant warning.

The wife decided we both needed a holiday, I agreed, so last week we got some quotes for a trip to the Azores in the middle of November. A couple of e-mails and phonecalls gave us a quote we were happy with and so on Saturday I e-mailed the travel agent and said to book it.

Today I get an e-mail reply saying that over the weekend the airline had decided that they haven't got enough bookings in November so won't be flying any of the that just boils my piss....I dread to think what pain that is causing those people who had booked and paid for a flight, but at least they have insurance/ATOL covering them. I now have no holiday and even less time to organise another one...the alternative flights were from Heathrow at £700 a person more!!!!!

So general rant at Airlines who just drop a months worth of scheduled flights at the last minute and screw the passengers over.


p.s. not a happy bunny.
jarrod248 said:
Maybe you shouldn't fly with the cheaper airlines.
Unfortunately they are the 'only' airline that flies direct to the Azores, or at least that was what we were told by the travel agent and can't find any others myself.

I don't think they count as a 'cheapy' airline, they aren't one of the big ones but not a no-frills outfit.

Anyway, just pissed off at the short notice and wanted a rant....rant over - at least on here.


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