Discussion in 'Sappers' started by retired_taz, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. I now live in the southwest close to the sea and one of the guys at work has a 25' yacht (ex sapper rodney) and we were chatting about sailing around the area. Took me back to my days at the British Kiel Yacvht Club (BKYC) way back in 67, can anyone else remember the BKYC and the RE yachts we had then Torch and Avalanche and of course Col. Stan?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I certainly recall meeting a Hussar who had spent almost all his career at Kiel and as his mob were being posted home he had transferred to the RE to stay in Kiel. he was on our B2 Assault Pioneers Course jan 84 at CETC Hameln. Nice enough chap for a donkey walloper but he had to pass the course and well to get some sort of CE qual.
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Col Stan Townsend, mad as F@ck, remember him with his megaphone ranting like a loon when I put Kranich( one of the other ex Kriegsmarine boats , ) up on the beach, after one of my crew missed the dolphin with the warp, in 1972. the three ex German boats were Avalanch,Kranich, and flamingo, I think, Bruno Shaefer was still there then, he was sailing gold medal winner in 1936 and had been Shanghied into helping run the club by Townsend in 1945,
  4. tWas Bruno Spleat
    - he did not like RE tradesmen
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    it was a long time ago and the old memory isn't so good,but I did find this

    BKYC 1945 - 1992
  6. I think the big yachts (don't know the sze) were Avalanche, Crannick (sp) & Flamingo...that was around 1980'ish. Happy memories.
  7. The RE Yachts in my day were Torch a 50sqm sloop with no engine and Avalanche, double the size, 12 berth and an engine, then I remember Stan buying Ragnar R, which I believe he bequeathed to the Corps when he died. I did quite a few mnths their as both a sparks and then over the winter assistant "chippy" when the boatfs were out of the water, remember Kiel well more life on a sunday lunchtime then Soho in those days on a saturday night!!

    Oh and it was Bruno Splieht not Spleat.
  8. I did a couple of trips on Avalanche. One was a 'race' with Flamingo & Kranick (proper name from Jim24's link) round Bornholm and into Karlskrona. Swedes couldn't get enough of us (may just be my memory, but I do recall the yellow handbags being popular).

    I also used to visit Kiel with the RE diving teams and remember the bar was cracking and the chef left stacks of food out for post-bar snacks.....until some dirty b'stard crapped in the kitchen....end of that little luxury!
  9. My first experience of “Sailing” was when I was spammed during a Harrier Ex in Germany.
    The Old and Bold were all set up to go on the p$ss in various haunts across BAOR and as the new boy I woke up after a 12 hour cabbie in Kiel, not Hamburg as promised.
    What an eye opener, Old sailing boats, wood and brass and going on the Baltic.
    Flamingo was my first spam, fantastic, the umbridge was brasso’ing the fkr in every port but the crowds/fanny it drew was Well worth it.
    Next year, we got a spammy skipper non RE, the Baltic was blowing, he was spewin and we ended up in the Olympic harbour with him requesting a recovery from the boat!!.
    Years later I got involved in Unit Sailing in 26, brilliant, nobody wants to do it, there all rugby bastirts, so take the time up, Oh yes, we had to ex Kiel Skippers with us and beat all of the brigade on regattas on the Mohnesee.
    Better yet spammed to make up a team from 1 uk div non sailors, hardest thing they had been on, even raced to a point when caught in the storm that sunk the MV Estionia.
    Fkn terrifying and the boat porpoised three times with me raking in the storm sail on the foredeck as only me and the skipper were still manning it as the rest went below to drown.
    Later on it got better on the Ragner R pleasure really and in civvy street you can’t afford it and the crew’s would be boring anyway.
    Sappers always prove we can work in conditions and use circumstances to our best advantage no matter what.

    Oh well I still miss it.
  10. Mate of mine from 68 Sqn RCT,got seconded up at the BKYC in the mid 60's.
    Col Stan owned a very well kept Scott M/C.

    After his secondment,my mate saved like crazy,and Col Stan sold him the bike.
    Bottom line,the Scott is alive and well with the same guy,and lives near Banff in Canada,and is now worth telephone numbers.

    I spent many a Summer up in Keil,getting as much sailing in as I could,and getting paid for it,Nirvana. 8)