BKK or Phuket and KL?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by viceroy, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. I have a friend that relocated to KL recently and I wanted to pay him a visit next month some time and thinking of other plans. I only have week, travel included.

    I was thinking about either BKK or Phuket for a few days to relax and then onwards to Kuala Lumpur for a long weekend.

    Anyone in the region currently (-next month), EODMatt?

    What do you reckon is better to relax and a wee bit sightseeing, BKK or Phuket?

    Any tips for KL?

    Anything else?
  2. Bkk is no place to relax, phuket is like bradford with tuk tuks, why not try Langkawi or Penang to malaysian islands only 90 minutes from KL
    Batu Ferrenghi is a great part of penang ,beautiful beaches, great bars and clubs, and the eye candy is out of this world and not so in your face like phuket
  3. About right.

    A long weekend in KL is about right a well as it is a funny sort of place.
  4. I'd not go to Phuket again but the Resort we stayed at was OK, the Islands are another flight onto your hourney but if you want to do it Koh Samui is much nicer than Phuket. Bangkok as mentioned is no place to relax but it's great for food, drink, bars and shopping.
  5. Regrettably I am away from the fleshpots for a few weeks.

    And much depends on what you want from your trip.

    Relaxing: Phuket is prolly better than BKK. BKK is a big city with all the things that big cities have including pollution (miles better than it used to be though), PITA taxi drivers, horrendous traffic, sex in yer face (in some places), excellent hotels, excellent restaurants, superb shopping - you can buy virtually anything electronic in BKK, along with big name clothes (Polo; Pac R, Gucci etc), some are of course fake. But even some of the fakes are good quality.

    Incidentally don't buy a fake Rolex watch, buy a replica, they are about 100 dollars but buy it from a shop in one of the big store complexes.

    Oh and KL - not been there for about 4 years so not up to date but if you meet Gaik Se Chew there she plays a mean piano and her mouth organ skills are awesome.

    If you have ongoing medical probs you can buy a years supply of your drug for half the price of UK (take a prescription and go to a reputable wholesaler like the one I use. I buy stuff in Thailand for our teams working in the jungle in Laos and Vn).

    You can get a sex change operation, a face lift a tummy tuck and yer teeth fixed. Need to choose a good clinic for each of these. Post pics of your titz on her afterwards. No need to post a pic of your teeth.

    If you buy anything of value (new laptop for example - although prices at PC world in UK are comparable with BKK) be sure to get a VAT receipt and get a rebate at the airport on your way back to UK.

    Site seeing: Avoid tuk tuk drivers and people who accost you in the street with "special deals", you will end up in an Indian tailors shop with some Gupta trying to sell you a suit made of fake material (guaranteed made in Hudderfields, Yorksher) and silk shirts made of rayon.

    There are some good tours to be had but book through the hotel or reputable travel agency. Have a gander at the gardens, parks, palaces, Stupes, temples and any special events. Have dinner or lunch in the Condom Tree restaurant - it's quite famous and the food is not bad.

    Don't consider driving to Phuket, it's 800 miles and the traffic is heavy.

    As you have limited time, consider getting the hotel to book you a car/taxi and go to Pattaya, its about a 2 hour drive. But far less hassle than taxi to airport, airport buggerabout, 75 minute flight, baggage collection and then another taxi at the other end, to get to your hotel in Phuket. Same on return

    Lunch calls. If you want any specific info, pm me.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Are you flying solo or taking the missus?

    If taking the missus avoid both and go to Hua Hin and stay at a place called Yai-yai - (Grandmother in Thai) Wag will love you long time for sure!
    YaiYa Boutique Resort Hua Hin Thailand

    If flying solo spend one night in Bkk - stay at the Aspen Suites Sukhumvit Soi 2 or at The Golden House hotel next to the BTS then get your arse down to Phuket and stay at the Baipho - Baipho Lifestyle - A Beautiful Boutique Hotel at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

    Stay away from all those scary ladyboys in Cocktails and Dreams.
  7. Are you carrying coles to Newcastle then? Missus stays where she is, I am flying this one solo.
  8. Pattaya then
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Pattaya is not for the faint hearted or the solo first timer - Phuket is a LOT nicer.
  10. Rubbish he'll soon pick it up. It's not worth buggerring about getting a flight to Phuket when he can shoot off to Pattaya.
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Hey if you like standing ankle deep in sewerage Patts is just the place to do it - personally I prefer something slightly less gutterish but obviously tastes vary.
  12. I'm not going am I, he is. Pattaya is very clean in some respects, no sewage at all. He's after some skirt for God's sake. Why waste time going to Patong which is no different to Pattaya.
  13. eh? Skirts? What am I missing, I was enquiring about Thailand and Malaysia, not Scotland!
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  14. KL is OK, but I was in Langkawi for 10 days in January and would recommend it for quality digs, plenty of cheap food and drink
    and even as shopping option, the island being a duty free province. The town is liberally serviced with document-free, hassel-free duty free shops selling (for example) bottles of genuine gin, scotch etc etc for a pittance.

    Nice calm place too, with no hawkers or urgers in your face anywhere. I reckon it's a good option.

    No donkey shows, though.

    Anyway, happy landings.
  15. Anybody remember the name of the bar in central KL with the small shark in a fish tank above the bar? If you are in KL Bangsar is a pretty good area with bars,clubs etc .