BJ Bartlett

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Probably the worst post I will ever have to make.

    Sad to report that BJ Bartlett passed away this morning, after a long struggle with cancer.

    Through his work with ICAREC and ICA, BJ was as committed to the Corps after he left, as he ever was during his 22 Years service. Since leaving he may also have continued to contribute to some walt hunting CFs.

    "Talk tactics before you give orders" was the watchword when BJ was about. If anyone could instantly deconstruct your plan, and rebuild it on the fly, into something far more practical and effective, he was the man.

    His strong moral code was always to the fore and he set an example to many including his superiors.
    ( Including some who may have been over zealous in the liberal interpretation of NRSA rules ;-) )

    He has been a keen contributor these threads as the Marsh Arabist , and I suspect others.

    Above all I will always remember his dry sense of humour, which like his comradeship, is unsurpassed.

    I suspect we have not seen the last of his sense of humour, he may yet have the last laugh on us.

    He could not map read, but I know he will have no difficulty finding Jimmy, Sher and Tiny who are doubtless waiting for him at the bar.

    I have to go and close a window now, its suddenly got a little dusty in here
  2. A top man. Sad news.

    He is in good company at that particular bar.

  3. BJ was a unique talent and a staunch and supportive friend. This has been coming for a while, but BJ's humour, strength and courage staved it off for longer than anyone had expected. He fought hard.

    He did an amazing amount of good, in covert and modest ways, for the Corps and its veterans. He was an exemplar and we won't see his like again. I'll miss him. Sincere condolences to the entire family from Mrs Glad and myself and a particular vote of thanks to sub for shouldering the unpleasant duty of keeping all informed during BJ's final illness.
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  4. RIP mate. A true one off.
  5. damn. RIP mate.
  6. A damn shame; BJ was a great character and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. RIP my friend and have one for me at the bar.
  7. A friend indeed to me - a source of good advice before I transferred in, and after I left. I saw him in July at Chicksands having not laid eyes on him for 5 years or more. I even said "you're looking well" although it was obvious that he had lost a considerable amount of weight. His reply was on the lines of "you must be taking the P***" but he never let on that he was ill. I will always remember him in my thoughts.
  8. BJ epitomised all the attributes of what members of the Corps should aspire to be. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and an extremely loyal and true friend. He was also immensely proud to have been a member of the Corps, a fact that he would constantly bring up at meetings with clients. When he also demonstrated how much "due diligence" he practiced, these same clients knew they would get a first class service.

    In the thirty odd years that I have known him, I can honestly say that I have never heard a bad word said - and how many of us can say that !

    Even though he was in tremendous pain over the past few months, he was always concerned with the welfare of others.

    I am not ashamed to say that I've shed a tear or two recently, even though we knew the inevitable would happen I always hoped and prayed for a miracle.

    I shall miss him terribly.
  9. Just opened a new bottle of Bushmills (well, it's Christmas/New Year). Never served with BJ operationally although I think we were in various places at the same time and had mutual friends; however met him quite a few times afterwards at ICA, TSI meetings/seminars etc. Good bloke. Can't add anything to what has already been said. You'll be sorely missed.

    Slainte !
  10. I've been dreading this day. We occasionally passed the time of day on skype when he was still well enough to use his office, and his jokes about his condition were many. We served together in a number of spots, including Portadown, where I was actually billeted on him and Sue in their Shoebox MQ in the car park. A brave soul, and a lovely man. Terribly sad.
  11. Subsonic summed it up, sad news indeed. BJ a personal friend of yesteryear and a great ambassador for the Corps. RIP mate
  12. RIP BJ, you'll be missed by many, many members of the Corps past and present.
  13. A nice nice man, funny, professional and a thoroughly decent human being. Slainte!
  14. As a guest of the Corps on courses various, I remember BJ and his tireless sense of humour well, as he instructed us in matters both arcane and mundane - in both, he could set humorous traps for the unthinking student to plummet headlong into, whilst he described how he had 'the best job in the Army'. A memorable man.

    My condolences to his family, and RIP.
  15. Top bloke in all ways, still there should be a good bar organised when we eventually follow!