Bizarre Computer Problem

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Tartan_Terrier, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. My computer has taken it upon itself to do some bizarre things of late.

    As I sit happily internetting away, all of a sudden the calculator program opens for no apparent reason. Equally strangely is the fact that the DVD drawer (slidey-in-and-out-thingy) opens of it's own accord on occasion.

    Has anyone got any idea why this is happening?

  2. elvislives

    elvislives Clanker

    No, but I have seen Poltergeist!
  3. 5.56mm

    5.56mm LE

    I don't have a clue, but now I have a problem you just wrecked my keyboard, that was hilarious!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Yes, it sounds like you have some 'joke' programs installed.

    What antivirus do you have installed?

  5. I've got AVG anti-virus and Sunbelt for my firewall.
  6. Steven

    Steven LE

    Try these guys.
  7. Idrach

    Idrach LE

    If it's not malware it's gremlins. Don't worry. Some stale beer in a saucer should entice them out.

    Either that or 'tis cruft and a rebuild-from-known-good job. Check here for the official taxonomy.
  8. johnojohnson

    johnojohnson War Hero

    Download (free) HighJackThis, SpyBot Search & Destroy and Adaware. Run each program in sequence. If you have a problem understanding the readout from HJT the help file is very good but you may want to post the report on Instead of buying and anti-virus program, download AVG (free) and you may want to consider downloading ZoneAlarm (again free).

    All the above can be found on

    It sounds as if you have a virus/Trojan or bat cookie on your machine. The above progs should locate and remove it, and also stop anything like that appearing on your PC again.

  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. hondo

    hondo Old-Salt

    Do you have a wireless keyboard etc :? if so the send \receive unit may be picking up another keyboard . how to get round it , don't know, other than change back to wired to see if the poltergeist gos . I have a poltergeist in my house because they all say :twisted: :twisted: it was not me that did that
  11. I do have a wireless keyboard, but I think I should be out of range of the neighbours computer. Could other electronic gear have the same effect?

  12. I've no suggestions with regard to the calculator issue but when the slidey-in-and-out-thingy opens, this means it's time for a cup of tea.
  13. Steven

    Steven LE

    Easy enough to test. Set the dip switches on the keyboard and rx unit to something other than the factory default and see if the problems go away.
  14. deadc0de

    deadc0de Old-Salt

    Some wireless keyboards use HF and have quite a range, better than bowman anyway. :p
    Skiddie trojans like BO2k have point-and-click functions for doing joke stuff like that but I doubt you've caught one since the sort of person who uses them doesn't know how to make them undetectable anyway so your AV would catch it.
  15. Cheers for that Steven, but ,unfortunately I only speak English, and Danish. Perhaps you could provide a rough translation?