bivvy jacket and trousers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. I've just acquired a bivvy jacket and trousers and was wondering if it is a good substitute for a sleeping bag as some have suggested. I've also got a bivi bag and a thermarest mat too.

    Can I leave behind the bouncing bomb, or will I just get cold at night?

  2. depends where you're going and what time of year I would have thought. Otterburn area in dec you're gonna freeze no matter what you do though :wink:

    Summer time mabye (or mabye with a thin summer dossbag if it gets unnaturally cold) but winter it'll be a mite chilly.
    That with a thin dossbag and you may be ok..

    But you wouldn't feel the benefit of having the softie on when the time comes to get your khyber pass out of the bag!
    feck it, just get the kero heater out and hang out in the metalsmiths wagon, you'll be reet toasty then :lol:
  3. As SWO says, there are too many variables to give a definitive answer. A sleeping bag will always be your best bet, but isnt always tactical or practical.
    Spending the night sitting on your bergan, wearing a bivvy suit, is never going to be cosy and restful, but its better than nothing.
    If you're desperate to save weight and/or bulk, have a look at this.......
  4. I'm sensing a Wah here - but the quick way to find out might be to give it a shot in some local shrubbery tonight ?

    My guess is that unless you are right nails you'll still want a sleeping bag....
  5. Bivvy jacket and trousers? Any chance of a link to see what these items look like?

    Or is it just a softie top and bottoms?
  6. Dev, thats it mate the issue jkt & Trsrs.

    BTW I'll check this w/e ref RMQ he wasnt in last w/e.
  7. Well I was outside in the snow on saturday night .Softie trousers and bivi bag and kip mat comfortable . Bouncing bomb warm enough to sleep.
    Could be done I guess ,but , not going to be comfy or get a good nights sleep.
  8. Ref RMQ? Got that mate or was it AASAA course thingy?
  9. I tried this idea with the Softie suit... It failed miserably and I spent 4 nights rattling like a smack head. (I'm normally happy with the thinner issue w@nk chariot too).
  10. I'll be giving it a try in Jan and Feb on TAs in Kent.

    I can't get off to sleep cocooned in a mummy type bag and prefer to sleep in the shape of a swastika on my thermarest. In mild winter weather I have simply put my fleece, gloves and fur pile hat on and had a good night sleep in the bivvy bag on a thermarest alone.

    Most FTX's we have several stand to's and occasionally a bug out, so I want to be able to get up and run, pulling my bivvy bag behind me, and do the admin later.

    I'm thinking the key to this might be in keeping the hands and head warm. I notice that I wake up pretty quickly if my hat falls off!

    Thanks for your experiences. It looks like its worth a try, and they are great bits of kit anyway and deffo worth the small weight penalty.
  11. Didn't late night "Bug Outs" get scrapped due to stand and fight doctrine? My last few Ex's we were bumped but never bugged out. Fantastic as one could remain inside their doss bag whilst the sproggs dirtied their weapons firing blanks at the "Salisbury Liberation Army."
  12. Depends who's running the ex. 3 and 4* Senior cadets and adults acting as enemy force will get bugged out occasionally. It's a no-no with recruits and 1*s though. Apparently its when accidents happen, but I've never seen one that was caused per se, by the bug out, but due to mong drills and JNCOs not getting a grip.

    I have on occasion merely stuck my head out of my basha at a 3AM Stand-to and watched the ensuing panic, chuckling to myself, and keeping warm all through it!