Bivvy bag ideas?

Evening all! Looking to replace the issue bivvy bag with something a little lighter and could do with my own for my civvy excursions anyway so may as well upgrade at the same time!
Does anyone have any recommendations? The issue ones are about a kilo which is nuts since snupaks' basic one is under 400 grams! Has anybody used snugpak's? Are they a snug fit or roomy? I like how roomy the issue one is and the Snugpak one with the zip looks the dogs and half the weight.

Thanks for any info, I've emailed Snugpak but they've ignored the message annoyingly (sent a couple of weeks ago so they must have got it)
Make one.

My Mum knocked on eup for me a couple (lot) of years ago. A nice thick base, with a thin breathable upper. It was longer than me, to take kit, and had a mossy net at the head end about 2ft by 2ft.

Also inc was a cover for the head end which could either be left down or roped/poled up to provide ventilation.

She modded it for me too. Handles for use as a stretcher/pegging down and some tags accross the top so i could use a bungy to turn it in o a tent. It was very lush.
what is the snug pack one made of ? do they not have dimensions on there site ? if its made of the same goretex the issue one is but weighs less it must be smaller surley??
Unless your running one of those ultra off road things, surely the issue bag's ok. I've never had a problem with them? I guess pack size could be better?
I prefer a hammock and a Hennessy tarp, keeps you off the ground and dry.

However, check out Endicotts their FART does a nice job on surplus gear they sell.

FART = Fix And Repair Team

Endicotts Army Surplus
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